Snowy Country Club of Virginia Wedding

Today we are sharing our first wedding of the year, a Snowy Country Club of Virginia Wedding. Natalie and Nathan who just got married at CCV, the Country Club of Virginia, Westham location here in Richmond.

And in typical Virginia fashion it snowed in March. Which really ended up making CCV an even more stunning setting for a wedding. Honestly the Country Club of Virginia is such a stunning wedding venue anyways. The grounds are gorgeous, the building is remarkable.. but the snow put it over the top. 

At first we were worried it was going to just be a cold rain. But in the middle of shooting details in the bridal suite upstairs at CCV, we looked out the window and it was just spectacular.  A winter wonderland. 

And even more amazing is that Natalie and Nathan were totally up for doing their portraits outside. Whatever the weather is on your wedding day it is so worth it to go outside for pictures! 

CCV also a wonderful location for the unpredictable weather because they have a great overhang on the back patio. 

First Look with your Dog – Country Club of Virginia

The first look with even more fun because their dog Bentley came. And you could tell he hadn’t seen them all day because he was so excited and just bouncing off the walls when he finally got to go up to them. He came to the engagement session and was the perfect dog and sat for as long as we wanted him to. But this was a totally different dog he was just so excited.

Their first look was also so sweet because Natalie decided to play the song that Nathan wanted as their first dance song on a speaker as she walked up. And it was so sweet he started crying before even saw her. 

Michael also photographed their rehearsal dinner and I loved they chose where they originally met. At Lunch and Supper, a restaurant here in Richmond. And then their after party was another restaurant in Richmond, New York Deli. Which is where they kind of started dating. So it’s just really sweet incorporated all of these personal things throughout their planning. 

Snowy Virginia Wedding – Planning tips

So if you are planning a wedding here are a couple of things you should steal from Natalie and Nathan’s wedding day. 

One is that they had a full blown dance party for their entire reception. Instead of pausing throughout the night for all of the traditional moments like pausing to introduce your bridal party. Pausing again later in the evening for cake cutting. Pausing again for a bouquet and garter toss. They decided to just have an open dance floor all night and it was packed the entire time. It was so much fun. 

So they did sort of have an introduction for just them but they invited everyone on to the dance floor for it and had everyone kind of dancing with them. They also did toasts while dinner was happening and parent dances at the tail end of dinner. So those special events were paired with dinner rather than stopping the dance party throughout the night.

Have your Pet at your wedding

My idea is that you should steal is how they incorporated their pet. They initially wanted Bentley to be able to be there for the ceremony but because it got moved inside they had him there for the first look. It was so sweet and such a good way to pivot from their original plan. They also had a picture of Bentley on their cocktail napkins which was awesome.

Richmond, Virginia Wedding Ceremony ideas

Finally you should steal the three things they did for their ceremony that make a ceremony so much fun. One is writing your own vows. I know this is something that scares a lot of people and makes people nervous, or puts a lot of pressure on you. But it is so sweet for everyone when you take the time to write your your own vows. Second is that they had a friend officiate. Again makes it so personal and so fun for everyone there. Finally is that they didn’t take anything to seriously. They were laughing and talking with each other and just having a good time rather than making it super super formal.. Which really just wouldn’t have been ‘them’.

So there’s a couple of things you should steal from this Snowy Country Club of Virginia Wedding. If you want to see more take a look at a few of our many favorites below. 

Congrats you guys! 


The Creative Team – Snowy Country Club of Virginia Wedding

VENUE | Country Club of Virginia – Westhampton

PLANNER | Greenery + Grace Events

FLORIST | Vogue Flowers



ENTERTAINMENT | Sam Hill Entertainment, Attractions Band

OFFICIANT | Andy, Friend

LIGHTING | Lighting and Sound Company

RENTALS | Rent E-Quip

STATIONARY | Merrymaker

THE DRESS | Urban Set Bride, Designer – Jenny Yoo


GUYS ATTIRE | The Black Tux

TRANSPORTATION | James Limousine

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