James River Richmond Engagement

Today we are sharing Natalie and Nathan’s Belle Isle and Tredegar James River Richmond engagement session.

Belle Isle and Tredegar is it a great engagement session location for people who want the river as well as some cool architecture. It is so Richmond with the James River and historic buildings and cityscape.

Belle Isle is surrounded by the James River and Tredegar has wonderful areas of historic brick.

It has all the best parts of Richmond.

I thought it was hysterical that Nathan grew up in Richmond and this was the first time he had been to Belle Isle.

For this session we did what we always do which is meet in the Belle Isle parking lot and then we can walk across the Belle Isle bridge together. That way we have a nice time to chat and get to know each other which was so nice because these two are so wonderful.

We started out on the water and it was very bright and quite chilly that day. And after going out on the rocks on the James River we went to our second favorite part of Belle Isle which is the open field right when you get onto the island. You can sometimes catch it when they haven’t mowed it all down and it’s just beautiful tall grasses.

Bringing your dog to an Engagement Session

The real gem of the session was Bentley.

We always ask when planning an engagement session if there is a pet that you want to bring. Michael is still waiting for someone to bring some kind of crazy animal. We did photograph a lizard one time see that here.

Normally when one of our couples want to bring a dog to an engagement session we recommend that they come at the last 20 minutes of the engagement session. That way you’ve already warmed up, we’ve gotten good pictures of the two of you, and you don’t have to be worried about your dog being crazy.

Typically in those 20 minutes we try to get just a couple of pictures that turned out cute of you guys and your dog. It usually takes about that long to get a dog to sit nice and look at the camera.

Natalie and Nathan said that they really one of their dog to come longer than that amount of time. They really wanted to be able to get more pictures of them with their dog. So we said of course, yes, absolutely and did the entire second half of the session with their dog Bentley.

Tredegar – James River Engagement Session

Bentley is a black doodle. The most adorable dog ever. We’re overwhelmed by how cute he is. Did preface this with we’re not really sure how he’s going to behave because it’s a new environment and all of that. And so we were ready for it to be just a typical session with the dog. It was not.

He was the most well behaved dog that we have ever photographed and that we have ever met. In the first five seconds we got like 10 pictures of Bentley seated smiling at us and behaving perfectly and he stayed there until he was told to move.

Talked about how they were using the word camera to prep him for the session. So we would scream camera and he would look right at us.

We got lots of pictures with Bentley.

We are just so excited that he is coming to the wedding and walk down the aisle. Nathan was joking that he was going to be the best man.. and I really want that to happen.

Natalie and Nathan, we love y’all so much. Thanks for spending such a wonderful afternoon with us. Congrats you guys!

Enjoy a few of our favorites from this James River Richmond engagement session.


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