Branch Museum Richmond Engagement


Today we are sharing Brenna and Carsten’s Branch Museum Richmond engagement session that we shot at Monument Avenue and the Branch Museum here in Richmond, Virginia. Two of our favorite places.

I actually started on a side street that I picked out next to the Branch Museum not on Monument Avenue. And it was just the perfect time to be in Richmond. The leaves were the perfect color, the light was perfect, the buildings were beautiful, and it was just such a great little spot on the corner of the street.

Monument Avenue Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are really our first chance to get to know our couples. We’ve usually chatted back-and-forth once or twice. But this is the first time we really get face-to-face and can get to know who they are. So those first couple of minutes of shooting were really figuring out who you guys are, who you are together as a couple, and how you’re going to be to work with.

And just immediately at this session we were like oh my God we love them. Their session came at the end of a marathon week of shooting. We had at least one, to several, shoots every single day and we were kind of exhausted. We had to reschedule them from earlier in the month and this was the only time we could really fit them in. So we were frankly just really tired. 

So before they got there we were kind of trying to pump each other up and get ready for the session. But within seconds of shooting we were just so energized and so excited to be there with them. Actually even when they were driving up trying to find a place to park they were waving at us and excited through the car window and we were just so excited right away.

They were just so fun and so sweet together. It was so nice to just watch them interact with each other. Not every couple days like that. Where it is just so easy to shoot them. But they definitely were. It was so fun the entire time.

Richmond Branch Museum

I haven’t been to the branch museum do your self a favor and grab lunch and have a picnic there one day. It’s just such a beautiful building and it’s right in the heart of Richmond. And I sort of just like a secret garden back there of peaceful, beauty.

I really want to shoot a wedding there. Every time we get an inquiry for a wedding for the Branch Museum it’s for a date we are already booked. So if you were wanting to get married at the Branch Museum reach out to us we want to shoot her so badly! But it was nice to at least be able to do a session there.

It’s just a place that is so perfectly Richmond you can’t help but absolutely love it. Kind of like you can’t help but love Brenna and Carsten. Enjoy a few of our favorites from your Branch Museum Richmond engagement session. Congrats you guys!

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