Belle Isle River Engagement

Today we are sharing Katie and Christian’s engagement session that we shot here tell I am on the James River in Richmond on a chilly fall day.  And a little drizzly. 

It was so cold and misty that it kind of felt like snow. And then poor Katie showed up in this beautiful short, light dress. She was such a trooper the entire time. I kept trying to give her breaks to put her jacket on and warm up a little and she was like “let’s just keep going!” 

Belle Isle Richmond Engagement

So when we shoot at Belle Isle, we always meet in the parking lot before the bridge to head over to the island. So it does take a little bit of time. We try to prepare a clients for that, but it’s also nice that were able to use that time to get to know them and chat with him a bit before shooting. 

The Belle Isle is such a wonderful spot for an engagement shoot. It’s so quintessentially Richmond, with the skyline and the James River. It’s just a beautiful spot where you are able to get a lot of variety of the skyline of the city, the river, and park. 

Actually with it being really cold and sprinkling there were benefits. There were way less people on Belle Isle so we were actually able to get out onto the rocks and not have to fight the crowds.  

We did about half the session there, maybe a little bit longer.  Pro-tip, if we shoot with you on Belle Isle, the first outfit is going to get a little longer time. 

Belle Isle Park

So after about half of the session and we headed back over the bridge. Then we actually met Katie’s parents who brought their dog. So we were able to take a few pictures with her before finishing up their session.  A lot of times when we’re at Belle Isle we will head over to Tredegar for the second part of the shoot.  However, this time we just used the open field/hill that’s right beside the parking lot and it was perfect.

It was so lovely spending the afternoon with y’all. Katie and Christian we love y’all, congrats! 




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