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Today we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the return of Monday Crafternoons with a list of our favorite Richmond wedding DIY projects and personal creations.

We have a series on our Instagram page called Monday cracker dance. It is a return of a blog series we did many years ago about wedding DIY’s.

We had our own DIY wedding back in 2012 where we DIY did everything we possibly could. From the invitations to the favors, wedding signs and all the decor to the florals and even our attire.. we DIY’d it all.  We kind of went over the top. (our full wedding blog from Katelyn James)

One of my favorite photos from our wedding is of you in your wedding dress icing our cake. Because you DIY our wedding cake. Yeah and I was probably wearing my veil which I also made myself.

We probably went a little over the top with how many projects we took on for One wedding. But I loved it and it made our wedding so personal and so “us”. So we wanted to be able to encourage and enable other brides and grooms to take on their own wedding DIY projects. 

We want you to know you can take on part of your wedding day and create it yourself. Start to finish. Make it personal.. make it you.

We have also added into Crafternoons where we will do it for you. So if you are one of our bride or grooms, we will take on a DIY for you so you can have a part of the wedding that is totally personal for the two of you.

So we have done that a couple of times already where we have done a project for one of our couples. We have created a welcome sign that was personalized and we have created corn hole boards. We are starting to create more things so they can make their wedding more personal through a DIY. 

Easy Richmond Wedding DIY projects

Acrylic Sign – This was a super easy, quick, and cheap DIY that will add a little personal touch that anyone can do for their wedding day!richmond-wedding-diy-project-sign

DIY Glass wedding sign – This Richmond wedding DIY projects is easier than you think, and makes for a great addition to your wedding decor, especially if you or someone you know can write or has a cricut machine! We made this as a request from one of our brides, and we are always looking out for new crafternoons to take on, so if you have something you are looking to create, let us know!richmond-wedding-diy-project-large-wedding-welcome-sign

Wedding Corn hole boards –  We followed a crazy easy DIY we found on @hgtv .com for these cornhole boards. A box of deck screws, carriage bolts, and all the wood ran us about $70 (with those COVID wood prices).

PERSONAL – DIYs for your baby and toddler

But Monday crafternoons is more than just Richmond wedding DIY projects. We love doing projects in our own life for our own home so we’ve done a ton for us as well. We have done a bunch for our son Niles and lots of different things around the home.

Let us know if there is a DIY project that you were wanting to try but you’re a little nervous about it. We will go and try it for you and let you know how it goes and how easy it really is.

Enjoy some of our Monday crafter noon’s. We love it and hope you do too.

DIY Learning Tower – Project directions so your toddler can see what’s going on at the kitchen counter and work with you. 


Pickler Triangle – a foldable climbing ladder to keep your busy toddler active.

Niles has become a LOT more mobile recently, and we’ve definitely wanted to get him some sort of play gym. But when we started looking for something, Laura stumbled upon some instructions to build our own, and when you have a shed full of extra wood and a relatively warm weekend day, why not try to build something that you could have bought!


DIY baby romper – a simple sewing project using an old button up shirt. 


Sew your own baby swing – Surprisingly simple sewing and craft project that our son is OBSESSED with. 

Niles basically lives here now.. a few bucks for the dowel rods and wooden beads.. old fabric and batting, rope from the shed. A couple hours later we have endless entertainment for this kid.

Tree swing straps, Sewing tutorial

Plastic kid’s furniture transformation – Buy an old piece of kids’ furniture and a can of spray paint to transform

Now Niles has his own desk in our office! Turned a plastic fluorescent monstrosity into something that actually goes in our office for $10, some spray paint, and wood we already had.


baby food DIY – You can very easily make your own baby food using your Instapot

DIYs for the home 

Standing Desk – You know those tasks that are SOOO easy, but you keep putting them off? But then you finally do it, and it only took you 20 minutes… So you wonder why it took you three years to get around to it? This is one of ours. What’s yours?


Refinished furniture A little bit of paint goes a loooong way…. Our dining room set, tv console, and now this fun beauty were transformed with just some paint. If you love the color, it’s called Beta Fish by Behr.

DIY solar panel – We love trying to be conscious about harnessing, reusing, and repurposing when we are creating our projects. Plus, we have a work shed in the back yard. It has no power to do or run anything for all of our future crafts! So here’s part 1 of installing a solar panel!


Door refinishing/ paint stripping – It took us an insane amount of time.. but we’ve refinished our front door. There were a crazy amount of layers and the detail between the panels made sanding it a BEAST. But it’s done. Happy Monday Crafternoon!!!


Rain barrels – DIY rain barrel – Rain barrels are insanely easy to make and can provide you water for your garden year-round. With a heavy rain, these barrels can fill up in just minutes. This saves you money and helps out the planet with one quick and easy DIY.


DIY plant shelf – For our first Monday Crafternoon reboot, we wanted to do a DIY that was quick, easy, and affordable. This is a DIY anyone could do in an afternoon.. we all have an empty wall and could all use a few more plants in our homes. Seriously, plants make you happy. It’s science. I’ve used that line quite a few times to convince Michael we need more plants in the house.. and this DIY got us a few more. And I gotta tell ya.. it’s making me happy.


Buy a board. We didn’t even have to have it cut. A 6ft. board was perfect for our space. We used some old stain and left over brackets from another project. We used mostly planters from around the house/random items I turned into pots. And while I could have scrounged plants from around the house.. like I said before, I used this opportunity to pass a few more beauties by Michael. No regrets.

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