Monday Crafternoons are BACK!

Monday Crafternoons

Eight years ago we got married at the most DIY’d wedding possible.. we DIY’d our invitations, veil, dress, boutonnieres, bowties, cake, favors, guestbook, and soooo much more!

Inspired by what you can do with a little sweat equity, we created a blog series to continue our love of DIYs called Monday Crafternoons for the DIY Bride. From there, we worked on more projects and took on a huge house renovation.  You can take a peek at a few of our before and afters here on the blog.

Over the years, we’ve become serious project people. So, we are bringing back Monday Crafternoons in an effort to share our passion for doing it ourselves. You can always follow along on our instastories as we share the projects we take on.

We hope watching us take on projects encourages you to try your own DIY.  We’ve renovated two kitchens, baked wedding three cakes, laid tile, built a chicken coop, finished a basement, made larger than life piñatas, built a kitchen table, sewn pillows, refurbished furniture, created multiple wedding seating charts.. the list goes on and on..

What would you like to see us take on next?


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