The Story of Us – Part IV

Finally Us

After the conference was over, Michael drove me to the airport and stayed with me for hours until my flight.  Right when we both got home, we spent every second together until I left for Newport News to go back to school.  Then we spent every minute on the phone together.  Michael would drive back and forth to Newport News constantly.  After he graduated, he moved to Newport News while I got my masters.. still commuting back and forth to Richmond for work.  In May 2011, he proposed.  Michael got a job closer, I started teaching, and we planned the most amazing wedding day a girl could ask for.  We bought a place in Newport News and I settled in.  On October 27, 2012 we had that perfect day… despite the wrath of Hurricane Sandy trying to share the weekend with us.  A few months later we went on the most amazing honeymoon ever, and a year or so after that, we moved to Nairobi, Kenya for the adventure of a lifetime.  And that brings us to today; just back from Kenya, and starting out on this new adventure of developing our business together.


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We don’t think it’s chance that we ended up together.  We fought it so many times.  But time after time, perfect little meet ups were set before us.  Going to the same high school, riding to school together, sitting next to each other in class, our parents living less than a mile away from each other, going to the same conference (Michael didn’t even want to go!  His future best man convinced him to just 2 days before), staying at the same hotel.. And we thank God for all those little things that brought us together.  We thank God for continuing to work on our hearts.  We thank God that despite ourselves, we ended up together.

So that’s our story.  We tell you that, because we LOVE hearing people’s stories. It’s the first thing we ask when we sit down with new clients.  It tells us so much about you and where you’ve been.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us.. and sharing in ours.

The Story of Us 

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Part IV – Finally “us”

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