Barn at Edgewood sunset wedding

Today we are sharing Sara and Chris’ Barn at Edgewood sunset wedding. Anniversary wedding. Wedding part two. (see here for part one)

These two actually got married last year at Edgewood but because of the coronavirus and Covid restrictions they couldn’t invite their entire guest list so they decided to just have their ceremony and get married last year. And then this year they did a vow renewal and full wedding party.

And it was lovely.

I loved every moment of the ceremony. I was a little worried when I saw that they were doing a full ceremony wondering what are they going to talk about. But their officiant, it was the same officiant they had at their wedding last year did a spectacular job.

She did crush it. I love that they didn’t do the exchanging of the rings but instead just said this ring still symbolizes…

It did feel like a true wedding day the whole time.

Her dad was tearing up passing her off and her sweet grandma.

It was just really so sweet the whole day.

I loved that it felt just as special and meaningful as if they were getting married for the first time. But really they’ve already been married for a year which actually took a lot of the stress off.

And it got to be the third time we got to hang out with them.. which was great.

Barn at Edgewood sunset wedding/Vow renewal

It ran just like a full wedding day. They did their ceremony just outside of the barn right at the water.

I still got to shoot some just married pictures in a spot that I think is now my favorite at Edgewood. It’s on the opposite side of the barn surrounded by tall trees.

It was really hot. It was like 95 degrees, but thankfully there was a nice breeze, so it was manageable.

I love that for this wedding day we got three different portrait sessions with them. We got to do the first lock right outside of the barn. We got to do some just married pictures after the ceremony, down at that shaded tree area that Michael was talking about. And then we got to do sunset pictures at the top of the hill which is my favorite spot at Edgewood. You can see the mountains in rolling hills and it’s beautiful. And I think it was easily the best sunset that we’ve ever had at Edgewood. It was stunning.

We got back down and the owner immediately was like can I see some of those sunset pictures? He knew it was just gorgeous out.

Actually love that going up for the sunset we filled that golf cart. It was Sarah and Chris, Michael and I in the very back, one of the guys that helps run wedding days at Edgewood, the two videographers who are also a husband and wife team. They were fantastic. And then one of the planners came as well.

Staying on the property of the Barn at Edgewood

Sara + Chris also decided to stay there that night. Which is one of the best parts of Edgewood.

Love love love when venues have somewhere that you can stay on the property.

There are two pretty identical apartments upstairs, at the top of the barn. It’s perfect for getting ready. One side of the bride can get ready and then just across the landing another side where the groom can get ready.

I love that you can stay there the night before but you can also stay there the night of the wedding. Because I feel like that’s one of the worst parts of the wedding day – when you are ready for the ceremony and are excited to go get married but you also need to clean up and pack up a room and figure out how to get your bag in the car.

You’re a full wedding day you’re exhausted so how nice is it that you can just walk right upstairs?!

I so love it when you walk up and ask what their two identical rooms but it’s so different inside. For this room Chris was hanging out with his guys and it was just quiet but the girls were having a party, music was playing, drinks were everywhere – the mimosas were flowing.

Barn at Edgewood wedding – our favorite part

Alright so favorite part of the wedding day?

I think it’s going to be the choreographed dance that those guys did at the reception and then that other woman came and danced with them.

I was dying. HOW did they all know that same dance?!

Had a lot of favorite parts but I think I’m gonna go with that one.

I think my favorite part was that it just really felt like a real wedding day. It seemed like the first wedding day where nobody had to worry about being too close to each other. There was a real fall dance party on the dance floor.

Thought you were going to say all the Lord of the Rings touches. In my opinion it was the perfect amount of Lord of the Rings touches. Where if you don’t know the movie and you didn’t even know that that’s what it was from. But if you were a fan you got it and it was cute.

At the beginning of the ceremony they had a wedding sign that said “Speak Friend and Enter”.

Anyways enjoy a ton of our many favorites from this Barn at Edgewood sunset wedding.

Congratulations Sarah and Chris.


The Creative Team

Venue | Barn at Edgewood, Stanardsville, VA

Wedding Planner | Lauren Dunn Events

Invitations | Vista Print

Florist | Colonial Florist

Caterer | Exchange Events and Catering, BBQ Exchange

Bakery | Cakes by Rachel

DJ | DJ Ricky Morris

Bridal Salon | The One Bridal Salon

Dress designer | Pronovias

Bridesmaid’s Dresses | David’s Bridal

Formalwear | Men’s Wearhouse

Hair and Makeup | Charlottesville Makeup Artist

Videographer | Beyond Videography, Goins Video

Rentals | MS Events

Officiant | Rev. Jamie Lynn Haskins 


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