Edgewood Barn fireworks wedding

Today we are sharing Margaret and Eric’s Edgewood barn fireworks wedding.

We had the pleasure of shooting Margaret and Eric for their engagement session earlier this week. They are from Texas and are just in town for the week of their wedding.

We haven’t even shared their engagement session yet!  We figured the wedding was more fun, so we’d share their wedding first.

There engagement session was so fun, in Shenandoah National Park, but we will share that later. I love that Margaret and Eric wanted to do an engagement session even if it was just a couple of days before their wedding. They wanted to be able to have more pictures of them, and I love that. It’s something photographers love to hear!

It was so fun on that the wedding day we had just seen them. So pictures went really well!

Mountain view ceremony at the Barn at Edgewood

What was really fun is that they did some thing that we’ve never done at Edgewood before. They did their ceremony up on the top of the hill where we usually go for a sunset pictures.

If you have never heard of the barn at Edgewood it is a absolutely beautiful big white barn on a gorgeous property in Stanardsville, which is just north of Charlottesville.  Rolling hills, big lake.. it’s stunning.

The barn is down at the bottom of hill, so a lot of times, we will just take our couples to the top of the hill for sunset where you can really see all the rolling hills and the blue ridge. But Margaret and Eric did their ceremony up at the top of the hill, which I think was really smart for a number of reasons.

One, it’s the prettiest view at Edgewood.  You can see all the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

But two, since guests pulled off the road and stopped right at the beginning of the drive, we were able to take pictures around the barn without feeling like guests were going to walk up and see the bride.

We did the father-daughter first look as we were leaving for the ceremony.

A lot of times we were set a buffer of 45 minutes to an hour to hide the bride away and make sure that she is out of sight before guests arrive. But we really didn’t have to do that for this wedding.

But because guests stopped right after they pulled off of the road and didn’t come all the way down to the barn, we were able to still shoot all the way up until the ceremony.

And it was just so pretty.  It’s my new favorite way to do a wedding at Edgewood.

So we did some photos with the top of them at the hill after the ceremony.  It was the perfect day for it, because it was a bit overcast and so we didn’t have to worry about the light.

And they were still able to make it for their cocktail hour.

Then we still pulled them for sunset pictures, but stayed where we usually take portraits which is right around the lake.

Edgewood Barn Fireworks Wedding send off

And then another thing that was “very them” was their send off.

Margaret and Eric had planned a big surprise of doing fireworks at the end of the night. Which was so much fun! Margaret didn’t want to tell guests that so she still planned to do a sparkler exit to get everyone outside at the end of the evening and ready for fireworks.

But, she mailed the sparklers to Texas instead of Virginia.

So she needed to come up with a last minute exit idea.

Eric is an Air Force pilot. So she decided to do paper airplanes. So she had everyone make paper airplanes to throw at them for the grand exit.

It was the easiest and cheapest exit ever. Literally all she had to do was sit out a ream of paper. And then it was really fun because right before the exit everyone was standing around this big table making paper airplanes with each other. It was so cute!

I love an exit that is different and unique and this was definitely a unique exit.

And then once they went through the fireworks started and it was SO FUN.

And then at the grand finale of the fireworks everyone came up and did a big group hug around the couple.  It was so sweet.

So that and so many more fun moments from this Edgewood barn fireworks wedding are below, so go take a look.

Congrats you guys!


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Planner | Annie Bailey
Bridesmaids Dresses | Birdy Grey
Officiant | Bob Talbot
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