Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg Wedding

Today we are sharing Rebecca and Dan’s Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg wedding. They got married this weekend at the beautiful Kingsmill in Williamsburg.  

It’s a beautiful day, in full sun, on the James River in Williamsburg – just beautiful.

Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg Wedding

I’ve been so excited for this wedding for so many reasons. Rebecca and Dan are the absolute sweetest couple. We shot their engagement session a while back here in Richmond and hit all of the fun places to shoot and Richmond. We started at 23rd and Main where they had their first date, we went to Main Street station, and finished at the T-Pott bridge. 

It was so wonderful, but what was even more wonderful was being able to spend time with Rebecca and Dan. They are such fantastic people.  It was such a pleasure to be able to get to know them a bit better. So, to be able to get together and celebrate with them again was wonderful. 

Also, Rebecca had compiled the most killer set of vendors to work with and it was so fun.

To work with Christine from the hive, Mark from Yates production, fat rabbit did the cake, Karen from Aleen floral design did the flowers.. I could just go on and on… So wonderful being able to work with these amazing vendors. (all linked below)

I think it’s important that brides remember that so much of their is made up of the people they are around that they hire. 

I think with Rebecca Dan they just put together such a wonderful group of wedding vendors.

We just had so much fun not only with Rebecca and Dan but all of their fabulous fenders. And frankly her wedding party and guests were awesome. 

This group of girls walked up to the ceremony as the first group there.. and I immediately thought myself I want to be friends with that group of girls. It turns out that they were the girlfriends of all of the groomsmen. But they were just so fun the whole day. So where her bridesmaids and groomsmen. I just love them all.

Michael’s Favorite – Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg Virginia

Ok, so what was your favorite part of the day. 

I have a lot of favorite moments but I think one would you go straight to your point was that as soon as we walked in it felt like we were friends. Sometimes it can be awkward walking into the bridal suite or bride’s getting ready room especially as a guy. But this group made us feel so welcome right away. It felt like we were already a part of everything. 

And it felt like that the whole day with everyone. 

And another thing – which might be your thing.  They played “Surfing USA” by the Beach Boys. Almost immediately three guys lay down on the dance floor and three girls stood on their backs like they were surfing. They did it like they do it all the time. Which apparently they do. 

I went and talk to Rebecca and Dan and was like ‘what is going on?’ and they said it is a family tradition. 

Laura’s Favorite – Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg Wedding

What is your favorite part? I got to go with Rebecca’s dress. It was amazing.

We have shot the most beautiful dresses so far this year. I don’t know what’s going on with the wedding dress industry right now but they are doing it right. 

Rebecca’s dress was gorgeous. She had told us before we arrived that she was really excited about her dress and the train and her veil.  And mentioned she really wanted pictures of it. 

After I showed up and I was like ‘oh my God I want to never stop taking pictures of this train and this veil’.  

We walked into the getting ready room Rebecca’s dress was hanging from the ceiling and still touching the floor. And Rebecca is not a very tall person.

Had a stunning lace overlay and a cathedral veil is just everything.

Then on top of all of that she used Aleen floral design so her bouquet was just AMAZING.

I’m telling her you’re going to have to cut me off. I’m not going to be able to stop taking pictures of you, your dress, and this bouquet.  So get ready for a million of those in this blog post. 

Enjoy a few of our many, many favorites. Congrats you guys! 

And if you’d like to see more from them, here’s their engagement session!


VENUE | Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA



FLORIST | Aleen Floral Design, Karen Roa

BAKERY | Fat Rabbit

DJ | Bunn DJ, Chris Gayler

HAIR & MAKEUP | Glam Squad by Lou Stevens

BRIDAL SALON | Truly Yours Bridal 




Mark, Yeattes Productions

RENTALS | Rent E Quip and Paisley and Jade

JEWELRY | Diamonds Direct 




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