Tips for creating a wedding registry

Today we talk through the do’s and don’t of wedding registry and share our tips for creating a wedding registry.  It’s one of the very fun parts of wedding planning… you get wedding registries and cake tasting.

Click play on the bar above to listen to it all, or feel free to skip to these highlights if there is something you’re interested in listening to specifically help you with your registry!

Tips for creating a wedding registry

2:09 – We ask each other to share tips for people who need help creating their registry.

  • 2:18 – Help with registering “in store”.. Michael’s favorite part of creating the wedding registry was going around the store with the scanner gun.. here’s how to register well.
  • 4:20 – Choosing a good registry host. We talk through what goes in to a good registry hosting site and how to share your registry with your guests without being tacky.
  • 6:50 – Tips on what to register for.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to register for things that you traditionally think of when you hear “wedding registry”.  Your registry items can (and should) include things you will enjoy as a couple.


      • How registering for an activity with Zola works (as written by Zola)   TIP: *If you decide to add these, make sure it’s just a few and is balanced with physical gifts. 
        • We’ll Help You Add Cash Funds – Create funds for any amount. You can let guests contribute what they want or contribute fixed amounts.
        • Guests Will Give You Cash – They’ll visit one convenientpage to browse your honeymoon funds, plus any gift cards or classic gifts you add.
        • You’ll Spend Your Cash – Transfer honeymoon fund contributions to your bank account anytime.


  • 8:37 – Be sure to keep your guests in mind while you are registering for your wedding. We talk about how to choose stores, keeping a variety of price points available, thinking through who is attending your wedding, and more.
    • 11:50 – Revisit your wedding registry as you get closer to the wedding date (after the bridal shower, after the wedding invitations are sent) to reanalyze your registry and make sure there is still a variety of items.


wedding registry tips

Other registry tips

13:50 – Other tips to think about while you’re creating your wedding registry.

  • 14:00 – How to manage thank you cards. Creating a system for staying on top of sending thank yous. Making sure you plan for areas on the wedding day to receive gifts (setting up gift tables and a secure location for cards).
  • 15:35 – An embarrassing family story about opening wedding gifts.
  • 17:55  – When to create your wedding registry (there is no such thing as too early!)
  • 19:30 – One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to thank you cards!
  • 21:12 – What to register for.. and what not to register for.


A Guest's Guide to Navigating the Wedding Registry

Wedding registries from the guest’s point of view

22:55 – Looking at wedding registries from the guest’s point of view.

  • 23:05 – How much to spend on a wedding gift? We talk through how to decide what to spend on a gift and what factors to include.
  • 26:10 – Buying gifts off the wedding registry.
  • 28:50 – One thing you should NEVER give people.
  • 30:36 – Should you mail a gift straight to the wedding couple from their registry? or should you bring the gift to the wedding?

33:06 – Final thoughts on wedding registries.



Create Your Dream Wedding Registry with Zola


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