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I want you all to remember one thing when looking at these photos… it was 36 degrees at its warmest! Crystal & Tasos, our sweet clients who drove down from Newport News, had already been rescheduled from just before the Christmas break. Remember that weekend we had freezing temperatures, and 13 inches of snow? Yea, that weekend. We were unsure about the weather again since the forecast was a chance of freezing rain, but after talking about it, we decided to just go for it… and we are sure glad we did!
The Virginia State Capitol building in downtown Richmond was our first stop, and it was almost completely empty at the actual building. It’s pretty normal for us to run into visitors, other photographers, and even whole bridal party’s, but not today. This gave us free reign with the whole front of the building, including those amazing stairs.
We could’ve shot there all day, but decided to switch to Libbie Hill for their second outfit. Then it started… SNOWING! Just the right amount of snow… enough to get in our photos, and enough to haze out the city skyline and James River behind it. It even paired so well with their second outfits: his winter hat, jacket and jeans, and her sweater dress! A wonderful way to end the evening!

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