Olivia & Daniel | Engaged

This has to be one of our favorite engagement sessions to date.  We quickly scheduled a session with these two because they wanted fall colors and we were nearing the end of the season.. we chose Libby Hill because that’s where Daniel proposed.. I mean of all the places in Richmond.. Libby Hill is the place to go.. it’s gorgeous.  And then we decided to head over to the T Pott bridge because that’s where they had their first “date”.. a few mile run.. which still confuses me as a date idea.. mostly because if you ever see me running, you should run too, because something terrifying is definitely chasing me.. but when you know that running is life for these two, it just makes sense.

And the second we got to Libby Hill I started squealing and literally did not stop until we were back in the car at the end of their session.  Olivia and Daniel, I think I might actually owe you two an apology for how absolutely crazy I was being the entire time.  But y’all, after you see this session hopefully you’ll understand why.
Two quick reasons.. First, we were a little nervous we weren’t going to catch the gorgeous fall colors.. but Libby Hill was showing offffffff.  Seriously, the trees were insane.  Second, these two stepped out of the car looking like THIS (see images below).

To say we are excited for y’all’s wedding would be the understatement of the century.. so I’ll just say thanks for putting up with us.. and I’ll do my best to stay calm on the wedding day (no promises).  Enjoy a few of our many, many, mannnyyyyy favorites.

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