Dividing & conquering on your wedding day!

One of the most popular questions we get asked at client meetings is “what will you do on the wedding day”?  Uhhh we’ll take pictures.. Just kidding that is NOT what we say.  Michael and I always have a game plan going into a wedding day and so we thought we’d share it for any other husband/wife teams out there, or so you can understand what it is we really do throughout the day.

Being a husband/wife team is AMAZING for so many reasons.  Despite just being able to be in business with your biggest cheerleader and supporter.. It’s great for our clients!  We are able to divide and conquer as they say.  You have two proper first shooters, meaning we both can take the lead at any time.


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So, how do we divide and conquer you may ask?  Welp.. Here it is

  1. We introduce ourselves.  I’ll go into the girls’ room and say hello and give a huge hug to our beautiful bride.. and then ask if Michael can come say hello too.  We do this for a couple reasons.  First, we adore our couples and want to greet them, give some love, and express how excited we are that their day is finally here!  Second, we haven’t always meet our clients in person (sometimes they live out of state and don’t get engagement pictures done.. So this is the first time we are meeting face to face)… and we DEFINITELY don’t want to just start shooting without meeting them first.  Third, we want our couple to know we are there and available if they need anything from us.  We encourage our couples to come to us throughout the day for anything they need.
  2. We shoot the details.  We pick a spot a little away from the commotion of the day and we get those gorgeous details in front of our cameras.  We LOVE this part of the day.  It gets our creative juices flowing and helps us prepare for what’s to come.  Michael helps move around all the big items (mainly the dress and sometimes a piece of furniture to shoot on) so I don’t have to run back and forth to grab everything.  Then, I shoot the details.  Michael might grab some shots too, but I’m mainly shooting here while he helps set the items up/find the good light.  (We don’t both shoot here because we don’t want a ton of duplicates of the same detail.  Michael will only shoot if he sees something I don’t, or if we want to be able to use a different lens (so I don’t have to switch back and forth on my camera).  Having Michael there saves time and he sees how I set up the bridal details, so when he goes off to shoot the groom’s details, we can have some consistency.
  3. We start the divide part of the divide and conquer strategy.  I will go back with the bride and start shooting her and her girls getting ready.  Michael will go with the groom, shoot a couple details shots and then the groom and his groomsmen getting ready.  Since the groom is sometimes not there yet, and never takes as long getting ready Michael will also take quick survey of the area to look for a good light for portraits and an area for a first look.
  4. When we are ready for the first look, Michael will go and position the groom, and I will walk out the bride.  I will position myself to get the groom’s reaction, Michael will position himself to get the bride’s.2018-01-08_0019Annie & Patrick BTS 01
  5. After the first look, we start portraits. I will take control for these.  I’ll be the one posing the couple and the main shooter.  Michael will grab different angles.  We’ll do the same thing for bridal party shots.2018-01-08_0035Kela & Austin BTS 14
  6. Michael takes over for all family portraits.  I will try to corral everyone and make sure everyone is looking and positioned well while Michael shoots. Again, we don’t want a ton of duplicates for these, or for people to be confused about which camera they should be looking at, so we make it easy, and only one of us has a camera in hand.
  7. At the ceremony, Michael stays the lead.  He will be positioned to catch most of the action. We both know the shots each other is aiming for.  For example, I know that when the bride walks in, I’ll get her reaction while Michael will get the reaction of the groom.  Once she walks past me though (’cause I’ll be in the very back) Michael will shoot the bride walking down the aisle and I’ll switch to get the groom.2018-01-08_0029
  8. During the reception, it is truly divide and conquer.  We will chat about what shots we’ve gotten so far, so we know what’s been covered, but mostly we will be walking around separately trying to capture all the celebration. We do plan for the bride and groom entry, exit, cake cutting, etc. to make sure we have angles covered for those!2018-01-08_00322018-01-08_0043
  9. Anything else you need. Remember that we are your photographers, but we are here to serve you with anything you need! We’ve done just about everything on a wedding day from helping attach boutonniere’s and tying bowties, to setting up ceremony spaces. You will spend most of your wedding day with us, so just let us know what we can do!2018-01-08_00032018-01-08_0016

Hope that helps give you a little idea of how we work together on a wedding day!  If you’re a husband & wife team trying to master how to divide jobs or have any questions, we are happy to help however we can!

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