2018 Goal Setting

Well here it is, January 9th and I am only just now posting about our goals for 2018.  Feeling super thankful for my girl, Lara Casey’s words.. there is nothing magical about January 1st.


So if you are like me and are a bit behind on goal setting and jumping into New Year Resolutions, my suggestion for you is that you take some time to dive into Lara’s blogs about slow growth goal setting.  This is really good stuff y’all.  It’s goal setting for people who hate setting goals.  Or for people like me.. who LOVE setting goals.. set about a million.. and then are devastated when you don’t reach all of them nearly instantly.  (Yes, I realize that is ridiculous.. but it’s honest..)

So I bought the PowerSheets (the beautiful thing is, you don’t need PowerSheets to do this type of goal setting.. seriously.. go to Lara’s blog!).. but they are so, so beautiful.  And I am a sucker for a pretty piece of office supplies.  And the sticker book.. ohhh I just love it.. OK focus Laura..

So I sat down and went through this.. and admittedly, it took a LOT longer than I had expected.. but it really forced us (I made Michael do it with me) to be reflective and thoughtful while we set our goals.



So here’s what I chose for 2018..

  1. take care of myself
  2. grow our business
  3. find a property
  4. plan well and follow through
  5. cultivate friendships
  6. slow down
  7. budget
  8. read the Bible
  9. go on adventures
  10. focus on personal growth


I realize they sound a bit generic.. but trust me, there was so, so much intention that went in to each of these 10… (have I mentioned that you should visit Lara Casey’s blog yet?)

If you hop over to our instagram, I am going to show you some of my PowerSheet pages today!

So what about you?  What goals do you have for 2018?  What can I be praying over for you (part of my goal #8!)?  Seriously, we want to help.. did you know that “Sharing your goals with friends improves your chances of reaching them”?!

More research from this year indicates that writing down your goals, sharing them with friends, and sending your friends regular updates about your progress can boost your chances of succeeding. The study showed that people who merely thought about their goals and how to reach them succeeded less than 50% of the time, while people who wrote goals down, and enlisted friends to help them by sending regular progress reports succeeded closer to 75% of the time.


Comment one of your 2018 goals, or send me a message.. I’d love to hear about them!  And if you haven’t written any.. go get started.. it’s never too late.

  1. Lisa

    January 10th, 2018 at 9:20 am

    WOWZY🤓Thx Laura for sharing… I’ve been looking and listening to Laura’s goal setting blog too. I am inspired! Is Michael an expert now too? Your first goal is one of mine also. May God bless you with success and no stress with the rest

  2. michaelandlauraphotography@gmail.com

    January 10th, 2018 at 9:24 am

    haha yesss Michael has been doing it too!

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