Thornhill VA Beach Family Session

You can never plan on the weather. Let’s just get that out of the way first. But thankfully, the thunderstorms and lightning were in the background and 5 minutes into our session, all we had was bright sun (we could’ve actually used a cloud or two…) We love shooting at the beach… we never turn down an opportunity to relax there, so this was the perfect place for us to photograph this AMAZING family, while they were on vacation in the area. These guys are distant family of Laura’s, and speaking of vacation, they all used to vacation together back in the day! We also spent a few minutes out of the sun, in the back yard of their cute little artists cottage they were renting, because the sun is no joke in 90 degree weather, even on the beachfront. We absolutely LOVED photographing this sweet family! Their smiles and laughter made this sessions so much fun, even in all the heat! We love you all, Thornhills, and hope you all had an amazing summer break!

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