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We met at Brown’s Island and crossed the T Pot Bridge (I’m not cool and know Richmond-y slang.. Patrick taught me that one..).  We did a big loop on the opposite side of the bridge and had time to just chat with these two as we were walking.  I walked along with Annie as Michael walked with Patrick.  I asked Annie about work, and how wedding planning was going, and then asked about how she met Patrick.  She told me about the night they stayed up all night talking and getting to know each other.  And I felt like I was listening to a scene out of a movie when she told me, “He was just different than other guys.”  It’s the part of the movie when you realize the lead is falling in love with the boy and you start getting teary eyed.  And that feeling just continued all day.  The way these two interacted was just so heartwarming.  Annie’s laughter and Patrick’s sweet smiles at her are just the sweetest thing.

Annie and Patrick, thanks for spending the evening with us.  And for being the absolute sweetest.  We can’t wait to head to Amber Grove to celebrate the two of you getting MARRIED!


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You may recognize this couple from Becky and JP’s wedding last year.  It was the wedding with the striking stunning model faces for bridal party photos and amazing show on the dance floor. We are so excited that Becky’s sister, Annie, asked us to be a part of their big day. And we feel so lucky and honored to be sharing in another of this amazing family’s weddings!  You can check out Becky & JP’s wedding here!

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