A Reminder of Our Why

It’s been a while since we’ve shared our why for our business.  This is something we come back to again, and again when making decisions for our little business.  We want to make sure that everything we do, and every decision we make for our clients revolve around the reason we got into this business in the first place.  We never want to lose sight of why we work so hard or sacrifice so much of our time to this business.  We want to stay laser focused on these ideas.  It’s why we have it printed and framed in our office, so we can see it every day.  These three things hold just as true today as they did the first day we wrote them.  They are deeply engrained in our business and are the reason we are so dedicated to serve our clients in this business.

1—We love marriage

This business grew from a shared love of photography, and a deep love for each other.  We wanted to be able to spend more time together; doing something we love with the person we love.  We want to use this business to grow our own marriage, but also to grow others’ marriages.  We want to encourage our couples to have long, happy marriages.  And we feel like we can do that through our next two “whys”.

2—We want to freeze perfect moments

We want the happiest moments of peoples lives to be frozen forever.  We want the joy and love to last. We love looking at old photos.  We fill our home with images of happy times and loved ones.  Why?  Because they remind us of the abounding JOY in our lives.  They remind us, even if things are rough, or people are gone, or we are having a bad day, that we have incredible happiness and beautiful memories in our lives.  Pictures are about more than just looking back.  They are about embracing what we have.  We want to be able to provide those frozen moments of blissful times for our clients, so they are always able to look at them and feel joy.

3—We want to encourage, inspire, & love on others

We want to use this business to love on others.  We want our clients to know they are genuinely loved and cared for.  We both feel as though we’ve been given the gift of a servant’s heart, and we want to serve others in a meaningful and Godly way.  We know the wedding planning process can be stressful and can strain relationships.  But we want to change that.  We want to be there to support our clients during their engagement and throughout their marriage.


A special thanks to Krystal of KrysDiane Photography for this image.

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