Richmond Rooftop Proposal

It was raining ALL week.  Pouring actually.  And all day Wednesday.. still pouring.  Every time I looked out the window and watched the water droplets streaming down the window I said a little prayer for Billy.  This sweet man had been emailing, and chatting with us for months!  Months of sunset pictures, videos of the gorgeous downtown Richmond rooftop, and details that were falling together.  And here it was raining.  As Michael and I got into the car to drive down to Richmond on Wednesday afternoon, it was still raining.  But as we got closer to Richmond the rain slowed, and eventually stopped.. pretty much just as we arrived to the American Tobacco Center apartment building.

Billy, in his perfect suit, walked us up to the rooftop where he had constructed poles to hang strands of globe lights, had covered tables in white tablecloths, and set up glasses and a bottle of champagne ready to go.  When we got the text that Ellen was on her way (thinking she was meeting him for an event at his work), you could see Billy getting more and more fidgety.. more and more nervous.. but as she turned the corner and walked up to him, he was steady and radiated joy.  I couldn’t hear a word he said, but as he bent down on one knee and Ellen jumped into his arms.. I knew everything had worked out unbelievably perfect.  As they popped the champagne, the sun set into a bright orange sky, and these two relished in the fact that they are spending the rest of their lives together.  Congratulations you two.  We were SO honored to be there. xo

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