Lessons from Parenthood

So we had this great new year post ready to go.  I came home yesterday to get it ready to publish today and then we sat down to watch the final episodes, of the final season of Parenthood.  Now, if you are like us and were in Kenya for the airing of the final season (or some other really good excuse for why you haven’t watched it) know that it is on Netflix and that you will need at least a box of tissues and no less than a full bag of dark chocolate mint 3 musketeers.

No spoilers.. I promise.. But in these last few episodes, in every one we watched, some characters were looking through photographs. In. Every. Single. One.  And this just was just all I could focus on.  These characters that I had grown to love were going through these huge life events, and they were ALL using photographs to relive their happiest moments.  To remember loved ones and seasons past.  Talking about how life goes by faster that you can imagine “You cannot know how impossibly fast it goes by”.  And I just sat there with my head resting on Michael, and Tusker’s head resting on me, knowing how true that was.  And I decided we needed to get pictures taken of us, that it’s been too long since we’ve booked a session for us.  And that we are in such an amazing time in our lives.  That I want captured.  That I want frozen.  I don’t want that moment to slip by us.  And all we have to make it stand still is photography.

It’s why we love what do so much.  Because sometimes all we have are the pictures.  We have the memory of these wonderful times in our lives and these beautiful people we’ve met.  But it’s these pictures that we count on when we need a trip down memory lane, or we lose a loved one, or we need to remember the joy in our lives and our innumerous blessings.  It’s just these little moments. These fleeting little bits of time that can only be savored, kept, treasured, relived in our poor memories or in photographs.

We take our jobs seriously.  Because we know that in 5, 10, 20 years those photos we took may be all someone has to remember.

Thanks for the reminder, Parenthood.


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