Kenya Recap Part VI

After coming back from our little vacation with Laura’s family, we jumped right back into teaching and coaching every day. Thankfully, the owners of the house had their pool repaired just before the family came, and we thought that it would be a fun idea to invite some of the kids over for a little American pool party. We bought hot dogs, buns, mustard, and Ketchup, and grilled them for the kids to snack on, several cases of soda, and some biscuits (cookies). We made sure we had boiled plenty of water for them to drink too, as they normally get only one cup for their whole afternoon. We were really excited for our pool party, especially because none of the kids, or even most of the teachers had ever been in a pool before, and they definitely never had a classic American hot dog.

Apart from being on lifeguard duty the entire afternoon, we had a blast! Most of the kids ate the hot dog, some ate the bread separately, and others did NOT like the mustard! But it was an amazing time! The kids stayed on one side of the pool the entire time, as there is a drop off from 2 feet to 6 feet. We had some pool floats to help with that, but the kids made sure to stay far away from the deep side. The pool wasn’t large, and the school only wanted to bring about 20 kids at a time, so we had two more parties to get more of the kids that hadn’t come the first time. I mean, you can only fit 5 kids on one piki piki (motorcycle), and getting more than motorcycle taxis at once is not the easiest thing in the world. And there’s nothing like finishing the afternoon with a soccer match!


The kid’s loved chasing the monkeys away!


No joke. This is how they get from point a to point b in Juja. The dirt road can’t really handle a car. A motorbike taxi costs $0.55 for a 20 minute dirt drive, just to give you a perspective. And, you can put ANYTHING on them. Roofing? Why not! Steel pipes? Obviously!


We Love Henry!



We miss all the kids at Juja so much!


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