Caitlin & Ray | Rehearsal Dinner

This past weekend, my wife’s best friend Caitlin, got married. If you follow us, you probably know who Caitlin & Ray are, we photographed their engagement session, their bridal party, & Laura wrote a sweet letter to Caitlin just this week (don’t forget to look for the video clip)! Caitlin & Ray are just amazing people and even closer friends. Laura & Caitlin were roommates in College, & when Caitlin asked Laura to be her Co-Maid of Honor, Laura was ecstatic! They asked us to photograph their rehearsal dinner, and help out with a few things for the wedding that we were so SO happy to do. A LOT of planning went into their amazing wedding weekend in Shenandoah Woods, a gorgeous set of cabins with a beautiful pavilion, on the edge of Luray, VA. Both Caitlin’s mother and Ray’s parents were so generous and gracious hosts, & did so so much to bring Caitlin & Ray’s perfect wedding weekend together. Ray’s father shared a toast that left no dry eye in the cabin, & made sure that everyone at the rehearsal dinner was happy. Showing a good time must run in both of these families!

Caitlin & Ray both shared bridal party gifts at the rehearsal, giving each of their parents a beautiful framed ‘placeholder’ portrait from their engagement session by Katelyn James, letting them know that they would be getting a copy of their wedding album. The bridesmaids got a beautiful beach/tote bag (I don’t know bag names), with a tervis and other personal gifts inside, and the groomsmen got a man-box with a hatchet, their wedding tie, America socks, and as if it couldn’t get any manlier, a bolt action pen! I’m sure you are imagining how beautiful their wedding day was, even with Hurricane Joaquim on one side, and a cold front on the other bringing rain down the entire weekend. Well, if you know about us, you know that we had Katelyn James as our wedding photographer, & so did Caitlin & Ray! Their images are already up on her blog from their wedding day, and are absolutely stunning! Like breathtaking. Seriously!

Caitlin & Ray, you have an AMAZING family, and we are so blessed to be a part of your lives!


This was the entire bridal party. I mean, Ray’s dad was his best man! You can’t get any sweeter than that!

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