Dear Caitlin,

Caitlin, because Alison and I decided to do this for our speech, I didn’t get a chance to be all sappy and tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.  So I figured I’d give you a blog post instead.  Thank you for being there for my wedding.. I was so honored to do the same for you xoxo (can’t wait to put this side by side with your own #kjbride picture!)

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Caitlin and I met almost 10 years ago.. which is NUTS (that makes me feel really old, since we met in college), and also totally normal (because I don’t really remember what it is like to not have Caitlin around).  We met at freshman orientation the summer before we left for CNU.   There was a “dance party” schedule as one of the many mix and mingle events of the weekend.  We both attended, and apparently were both super confused when we got there and no one was dancing.  Seriously, super loud music and an empty dance floor.  It was straight out a of movie scene.  So naturally (if you have ever attended a wedding where Michael and I are a guest, you know that we tend to alwaysssss break in the dance floor), I started dancing.. and to my glee, Caitlin was dancing right alongside of me.  Total strangers, but obvious dance partners.  I instantly knew I loved her.  We lived, by chance, on the same hall in our freshman dorm, just a couple of doors apart.  And as the year went on, we became closer and closer through our halls’ endless shenanigans.

When the end of the year rolled around, and room assignments were being made, we decided to live together our sophomore year.  And honestly, that was one of the greatest things to happen to me.  It was with that decision that I made a lifelong, best friend.   More dance parties, creating the tedda-dunk, sleep overs in the living room, sing-alongs to ‘N Sync’s “Just got Paid” on Fridays, dressing up to go out to monthly roomie dinners, and post-it notes with our funniest memories.  Caitlin, you made my college experience what it was.

We lived together for the next few years and all those things continued..  One day, early into our Junior year, Caitlin came to me and said we were going to go downstairs to say hi to “the boys”.  Apparently, I had missed them coming to meet us, so we went downstairs to hang out for a bit.  And there was Ray.  When we left, I turned to Caitlin and say.. you are so going to date him.  She shook her head in disagreement, but I knew she wanted to.  Skip forward a bit to a knock on our apartment door.  Again, there was Ray.  Flowers in hand, ready to take my girl out on their first date.  I stopped them from leaving like a proud mamma sending her daughter off to prom and made them pose for a picture.  They rushed me along a bit, and like I do (because occasionally I just have no filter to speak of) I blurted out a possibly-inappropriate-for-the-first-date-comment.  I said, “you know what, y’all are going to be happy when you have this picture to show the kids one day”.  I wasn’t quite sure our friendship would stand such a comment, but I think the date went so well, she forgave and forgot.

But you know what, they are DEFINITELY going to be happy to show their kids that picture one day.. so basically I am always right and pretty much a psychic.  You’re welcome 😉

The rest is history.

And to you, Ray.. Through the years, I have liked you, hated you, and have loved you. But to tell you the truth, there is no one in the world I would want to marry my best friend more than you.  I know, without a doubt, that you are going to love her, be her encourager, her rock, and her support forever.  And I couldn’t be happier about the man you are.  You too, are one of my very best friends in the world and I love you so much.  Thanks for taking such great care of my girl.

So let’s all raise our coffees to the sweetest, most generous, hilarious, and amazing couple I know… Mr. & Mrs. Pugh.

I love y’all.


HAVE FUN IN HAWAII.. next time, Michael and I are coming too 😉

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