The other day I was chatting with a friend.. really complaining about my ever growing to-do list and running about like a mad-woman.  She told me, “Laura, you love being busy”.  Immediately, I responded, “NO.. I hate being busy.  I hate having to run around and never getting a chance to catch my breath.  I hate that my house is still covered in piles of boxes ’cause we haven’t had a chance to unpack!  I hate that I have to scroll on my Trello boards because they won’t all fit on the screen.  I hate being busy.”  But just as quickly she responded to me, “But you are always busy..”  Which is when I realized.. I’d rather be busy than bored.

And because of this.. I pack my calendar.  I dream big and figure out how to make it happen.  I make to-do lists daily.  And I create jobs that aren’t entirely necessary, but that I think will make life a lil’ better for someone.  For example, this one project of mine I have been working on for almost a YEAR!  A YEAR.  But today friends, TODAY is when I cross that big ole project off my to-do list.  Today I send it off and let what is done, be done.  Today Michael and I will cheers and celebrate because this big thing we have been working so hard on will be out of our hands.  We will send it off and pray that it is something that will allow us to serve and love on people like we want to.

And even though I’m not quite ready to tell you what it is.. I wanted to celebrate!!!!  And just like when you have big news and pick up the phone right away to call a friend.. I felt like I had to turn to our trusty blog readers and squeal a lil’… jump up and down and scream YAYYY!!!! WE DID IT!!!

And even though you have no idea what this big project is, or why you should be excited for us, I hope you celebrate with us tonight.. cheers with your favorite cocktail, eat an extra bite of cake.. because today is a big day! I seriously can not wait to show this big project off!!!! And I promise, y’all will be the first to see it 🙂



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