Boston and Cape Cod Family Vacation

Since I was little, my family has been vacationing in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. My grandparents had a house there and it’s always so fun to go up and reminisce.  It’s one of my absolute favorite places on earth!  A sweet lil’ town, the ocean, the weather, the OYSTERS.  It’s a dream.  And this time around, the trip was a little more exciting.  One of my sisters live in Boston, so we flew up early (on the Forth of July!) and did a duck tour (so fun!) before heading off to the Cape.

cape-cod-family-vacationOur driver was HILARIOUS.

My kinda way to see a city.

And then lunch right on the water.

And then fireworks.. with about 2 million other people.  And behind trees, road signs, and buses.. But still so pretty.

And then to the CAPE!!!

..with my family that is an absolute BLAST!  Mexican night complete with mini sombreros AND a pinata!?!? Yes, please.

See that gorgeous tassel necklace Meggie is wearing?  Yeah.. Molly (on the right) MADE it!

My sweet parents..

We tried to recreate this picture from when we were kids.. turns out the floating dock doesn’t quite hold all of us 10 years later.. who knows why?.. haha

Ohhh such a good week..


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