Caitlin’s Bridal Shower  

My very best friend is getting MARRIED! EK.. I am so excited for her and her awesome hubby.  It was such an honor to be there for her bridal shower.  I LOVED being able to put together all the little details for this day to celebrate Caitlin!  I wanted to share some of those little details.

Caitlin is obsessed with sprinkles.  Like actually obsessed.  We frequent Red Robin together and pretty much always finish our meal off with a milkshake.  I’m pretty sure our waiter now knows how to deliver Caitlin her milkshake.  At first, she had to explain.  I’d like a ton of sprinkles.  Like a ton.  Like, put more than you think the average person would ever want, then at least double it.  And now he knows.  He delivers that milkshake with so many sprinkles you can barely taste the actually drink itself.  It’s just a cup of milky sprinkles.  And that’s exactly how Caitlin likes it.

So I figured for her bridal shower we would go over the top with sprinkles.  Sprinkle EVERYTHING.  And it was so much fun.  Bright and colorful fit celebrating Caitlin perfectly.


For the guestbook, everyone signed a t-shirt for Caitlin.  She loves t-shirts.. Ray proposed on a t-shirt, she asked us to be her bridesmaids on a t-shirt, so we thought a t-shirt guestbook would be very fitting. (She wore it the next day, so I’m pretty sure we nailed it.  Nice job, Lauren!)


Caitlin’s momma went over the top and made some of the tastiest snacks I have ever had at a shower!  YUM.

I was put in charge of sweet foods, and may have gone a little over the top myself..

DIY sprinkles bar (find the directions next week on Monday Crafternoons for the DIY bride!)

And then onto the games. I had a REALLY hard time picking out games for this shower, because Caitlin actually hates playing games.  SO along with another one of Caitlin’s bridesmaids, we came up with some perfect games for her… They were a HIT! Sooo… I am going to share ALL the games we played and what you need to play them next week.

If you missed it, this super easy tassel DIY was on the blog Monday!

So much love..

Ray popped by at the end with flowers for his bride (a sweet southern tradition).  AND flowers for ALL the guests!  Uhh.. can anyone say “keeper”?

And then, how can you say no to push-pop confetti?  (hint: you can’t)

Though, please take note of the horrified faces on some of these girls.. I’m like 99% sure I still have some confetti in my hair..

The bride and her maids.. (missed you Alyssa)

These sweet mommas did good raising these amazing duo..

Love you SO much Caitlin.. I can’t wait for you to marry this man!  Marriage is awesome and you’re gunna love it..


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