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We are Shoot & Share Photographers, and if you haven’t heard of Shoot & Share, here is what it is, and why we feel this serves our clients the best. Shoot & Share is a worldwide idea of photographers that believe the best way to serve our clients is to share all that we photograph with them.  Shoot & Share photographers shoot and share ALL of their final images (this doesn’t mean we don’t cull through and take out all the blinks, weird talking, and anything like Beyonce at the Superbowl). Not that long ago, photographers would schedule a session with clients, photograph and edit their images, and then sell them back to the client individually.  However, more and more wedding and portrait photographers nowadays charge one sum up front, and then provide their clients with all of their final images included in their cost. They may offer to have their clients purchase prints, but the client is free to take their images to any print lab, or most likely Target or Costco to print off what they want for their own use. We believe very strongly that sharing all of our images from an wedding creates a perfect story of all the excitement, joy, and love that’s celebrated during this one important day. We want our clients to be able to hold onto every bit of that day as their own, because it is truly theirs. We are just the one’s that are blessed to share in that with them.


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And this is where PASS comes in. PASS is an online sharing software that allows photographers to create galleries for each of their clients to view, download, and even buy prints straight from their gallery of images. PASS offers a lot of other benefits like free galleries for any client sessions that have under 100 images in them, and any number of images over 100 for $30 per gallery. You can share links that clients can send to family and friends and password settings for those that like to keep their images more private. They even allow the clients to create their own folders of favorite images. But best of all (in our opinion), they backup every gallery online for 10 years! CD’s are out of date; Apple no longer even make a CD drive in their Macbook & Pro Laptops. USB’s are not reliable; our own wedding USB became corrupt, and we had to contact our photographer to ask her if she could send us the images again. Even external hard drives crash randomly without any reason at all! This is crucial not only to us as photographers, but as people who love our photos. We want to be able to access those precious moments for our clients no matter what happens to all of our other technology, and PASS creates a way for us to do that. If you are just starting out in photography, we highly recommend looking into PASS, especially if you are a Shoot & Share photographer as well.


These two technologies are a big part of our photography. Giving our clients a complete picture of their beautiful wedding day, and saving those moments to be relived forever are some of the best ways we can love on our clients. And that to us is the most important thing.

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