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There are few things I love more one a wedding day than walking into a beautiful getting ready location. These are some of the most exciting moments of the day. The anticipation is high. You’re with your very best friends in the world. You’re becoming the most beautiful version of yourself.. And your surroundings should match that.  So many people overlook this, but I really think it’s an area to SPLURGE.  This time sets the mood for the whole day.  Rather than scrabbling at your parents house, try booking a hotel suite or better yet, if your location has a great getting ready room, go there.  I promise, there is a HUGE difference between a cramped Sunday School room or sharing a hallway bathroom and a gorgeous, spacious hotel suite.  Will this extra bit of luxury come with a price tag? Yes.  Might you have to add some travel time onto your timeline? Yes.  But I promise you friends, it will be so, so worth it!!!  Have a fancy breakfast and a mimosa or two, buy a beautiful silk robe, have your hair and makeup done by the best vendors, give yourself plenty of time, and get excited for the day!

Though regardless of how luxurious your room is, there are a few things we always look for:

Plenty of Space. Depending on your bridal party and the amount of family you have invited, there can end up being a lot of people in this space. You don’t want to feel like you’re on top of each other. You want space, to breathe relax, and prepare to become a wife.

Big Windows. Good natural light is something we swoon over. A room with a lot of light flowing in will allow us to capture beautiful images.  Natural light will make you look and feel better!

Close By. You don’t want to worry about travel time right before the ceremony. Picking a location as close to your ceremony as possible will help ease some of the stress of the day.

Clutter Free. Try to keep the room you are getting ready in tidy; you want the pictures to look neat and clutter free, not have your balled up change of clothes and left over lunch in the background.




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