Friday Night is Date Night – The First Date

To kick off our date night series, we thought it would be fun to flash back to our first “date”.  If you don’t know our background, feel free to pop over to our “story of us” mini series where we introduce ourselves and our relationship to you.


At my bridal shower, my sister-in-law planned a little game of “newlyweds”.  She had asked Michael a series of questions and tested me to see if our answers aligned.  We were doing pretty well until she asked, “what was your first date”?  For most, this would be an EASY one.  But for Michael & I and our odd history, it was tricky.  We didn’t really date.  We just sort of fell together and couldn’t be pulled apart.  I answered, going out for sushi (but Michael didn’t consider this a date because we were basically just friends catching up at that point..).  Michael’s answer was going to Walmart.  I swear.  He said going to Walmart!  I just about lost it.  I couldn’t get over it!  My future husband truly thought that going to Walmart was an idea of a date!!! AND he had the guts to display that notion to all my friends at my bridal shower.  I was so embarrassed.  But the truth is, that was a date.  Let me explain why I was mortified, and why I now understand.

Our Walmart Date: 

In the early stages of our relationship (the second time around), Michael came over to my parent’s house.  It was winter break and there were only a few days before I had to be back to Newport News for school.  So Michael came over.  We didn’t have anything to do, so when my mom asked if we would accompany her on some errands before dinner, we agreed.  These errands took us on a egg hunt to get a new key made.  We went to multiple places to attempt to get this key before ending up at Walmart.  Finally we found a place that could get this key made, but we had to wait a little while for it.  So, my mom wanted to pick up some groceries…it was Walmart after all.  And just as you reward a small child for sticking with you during your errands without too much complaining, she told us to go pick out a treat.  So Michael and I, as giddy as 6 year olds would be when told they could pick anything they wanted from the wondrous and complete aisles of Walmart, ran up and down the rows.. Laughing and joking together while trying to find the perfect item as our childish reward.  We picked Rolos.  And I don’t know that I have ever been so excited for a candy before.  We went home and enjoyed our Rolos while stilling on my parents’ couch, and playing favorite songs for each other back and forth on YouTube.

Now, would many agree that two 21 year olds running around Walmart in search of a treat from one of their mothers was a date?  No.  But it was our first date.  So how did I change from at first I being ashamed THAT was our story, to writing a blog post detailing the events of that day?  Well, I realized it was a time Michael and I spend intentional, joyful, memorable time together.  Sure, it was silly (I told you in Part I that we were ridiculous).. But it was perfectly us.  Simple. Music. Candy. A night in.  It’s all we needed for a perfect first date.

So for Date Night #1:  Reminisce on and reenact your first date.  Whether it was the traditional dinner and a movie, or roaming a mega store with your parents.. Take some time to reflect on that moment you decided this person could be the one.  Pause and revel in the first moments of a beautiful love.. No matter how it was that it started..

Enjoy your date, and love one another deeply



We have this Polaroid from that first date of us holding our Rolos.. but for the LIFE of me I can’t find it in our mess of moving back from Kenya… so this old school shot will just have to do for now..

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