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While we were in Kenya, working on our rebrand, and setting big goals for our little business, we decided we wanted to attend a workshop where we could learn from someone we really looked up to in the photography world.  We were thinking big, like the Katelyn James, Amy and Jordan, Justin and Mary’s of the world.  Someone who had a good heart and could teach us with love about how to grow and serve the way we wanted to.  Someone we followed, and respected, and loved.  And then we started the Academy and were amazed that we got to learn from ALL of those incredible photographers I just listed.. and more!  And we learned SO much and grew so much.  But we still felt like we could benefit from some close, real interaction with one of these incredible photographers.  And then I saw a message about Amy and Jordan possibly coming to VA Beach to hold a workshop.  AMY AND JORDAN!!!  I realize for some of you who are not a part of the photography world, that name, in those capital letters might not mean much to you.  But it means so much to me.  These two are not only amazing photographers whose blog I have followed for years, but a husband and wife team who has grown exponentially in the last few years through loving and serving their clients.  Not to mention, they were just featured in People magazine!!! It was PERFECT.  I sold Michael on the idea and we booked our seats for the workshop. I was so excited.  I was certain this was going to transform our business and revolutionize the way we served.  And friends, I was right.

After day one of the workshop, I called my mom and told her I already got more than my money’s worth.  Haha… seriously.. I was so excited I called my mom to tell her about it.. We did a styled shoot with the most adorable couple ever and BEAUTIFUL florals from Amanda Veronee, amazing vintage rentals from Bluebird’s Garage.  It was to die for.  And Amy and Jordan walked us through their playbook, full of tips and tricks they use in their own business.  It was priceless.  AND THERE WAS STILL ANOTHER WHOLE DAY!!!  And if it was even possible, day two taught us even more.  AND we got new head shots from Amy AND our very own #Demossandwich.  I think I would have gone to the workshop for just the Demos Sandwich 🙂 I’m seriously just in love with these two!

The last night of the workshop Michael and I were among the last to leave.  And it felt a lot more like a group of friends hanging out than a couple teachers talking to their students.  Amy & Jordan truly cared about our businesses, but they also cared about us.  They wanted our business to be a blessing for others but they also wanted to make sure we didn’t work ourselves into the ground.  They taught us work smarter, to have time for each other.  To have time for the important things in life, like sitting around a living room enjoying time with friends.  Which is exactly what we were doing.

After the workshop my mom asked me, “So do you feel like your next wedding will be noticeably different because of this?” Uh YES!  But not only that.. How we run our business, how we communicate with clients, how we serve, and our mindset for what we do.. All different.  All better.

Amy & Jordan, I can’t say thank you enough.  Words can fall so short sometimes.  They just can’t express our level of sincere gratitude for all the knowledge and wisdom you passed along.. But also for all the laughs and encouragement, and inspiration, and hugs, and JOY.  You two have such beautiful hearts and we are so very grateful for you both.



The mob of workshop attendees/some of the sweetest people in the world..

Amy-Jordan-Workshop-VA-Beach Amy-Jordan-Workshop-VA-Beach Amy-Jordan-Workshop-VA-Beach

Amy-Jordan-Workshop-VA-Beach Amy-Jordan-Workshop-VA-Beach We all got new head shots!  I can’t wait to see ’em!

Seriously, how adorable is this shot of Michael going to be?


Jordan, teaching his little heart out every minute he could.. when he wasn’t making us laugh until we cried.


And Amy.. just making us cry ’cause of her beautiful heart and passion..


AH I love these two.. did I mention that?  I can’t wait to share more of our images from this gorgeous styled shoot!  This couple was incredible.. It will be coming soon friends, coming soon..


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