Upstate New York Greek Wedding

Today we are sharing Paul and Nikolette’s Upstate New York Greek wedding – they just got married in Syracuse, New York.

This is actually my brother-in-law’s brothers wedding. So we were able to go up and see my sister and brother-in-law and spend some time with them before shooting this beautiful wedding.

Paul and Nikolette can only be described as the perfect pair to throw an amazing party. They are so much fun and this day was such a blast.

Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony was at a Greek orthodox church in Syracuse. The interior of the church was really spectacular with so many beautiful details. It was really pretty. 

Especially loved that my nieces were flower girls so I got to watch them go down the aisle. Nikolette found an inspiration picture of wagon, then my sister found a similar one on Facebook marketplace. We spray-painted it and decorated it with babies breath for the littler kids to be pulled down in. I actually think it turned out really cute – we will turn it into a Monday Crafternoon.

They had like 5 nieces and nephews come down the aisle before Nikolette. I feel like if you decide you’re going to have kids at your wedding ceremony you have to lean into the idea that it is going to be just a fun and unexpected moment. Everybody loves it no matter what happens – if they walk down perfect, it’s adorable. If they are carried down kicking and screaming, it’s kind of equally as cute.

After the ceremony we actually went to Paul’s parents house to take photos. They live on in absolute beautiful property sort of overlooking Syracuse and just have such a gorgeous space. I told Mary (Paul’s mom) that I wish we had been there at sunset – because it was a perfect day in Syracuse. It wasn’t too hot, not a cloud in the sky, but that didn’t mean that it was super bright and a little tricky for photos. 

Upstate New York Greek Wedding – Family Portraits

I told Mary I wish we had been there at sunset because we would have really been able to utilize all of her beautiful landscaping. But we were able to find a couple of spots to at least take a family, and a couple bridal party, as well as a few of just the two of them.

Then we headed to a park in Syracuse. We actually had scout it out a couple of photo locations the day before but I guess it was the night of prom because there were just tons of people everywhere. We thought that that meant that it would be open for the wedding day, but I guess it was a whole other day of prom because there were so many people out! 

So we actually did find a really perfect spot but as the bus of bridal party was pulling up, TONS of people came too. So just know that in pretty much all of these portraits there were mobs of people around us. Thankfully Paul and Nikolette, and their bridal party, were so sweet and made it easy.

Upstate New York Greek Wedding – Franklin Square Park

Paul is actually an architect so he loved the bridges near Franklin Square Park. We took a ton of portraits kind of highlighting that. And Nikolette is obsessed with horses so we actually, the day after the wedding, went to where her horse is to take portraits there as well. We shared a couple of those already on Instagram but we’ll have to share some more. They seriously rallied and put their wedding attire back on, but it was so worth it.

Then obviously the party was amazing. The hotel was beautiful and they took over like the entire floor. It was a big party that was so much fun. 

A few of our many favorites from this really fun wedding day. Congrats you guys!

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