VMFA Richmond Museum Engagement

Today we are sharing Esther and Andrew’s VMFA Richmond museum engagement session that we shot here in the Fan district.

They are not typical clients of ours because we are actually not shooting their wedding. They are getting married in Oklahoma but wanted to do their session here in Virginia. We do this pretty infrequently, but they were referred to us from another couple we photographed earlier this year. 

Not Typical Clients – VMFA Richmond Museum Engagement

It’s always a little bittersweet doing that. Because it’s so nice to get to know them and spend an afternoon with them but then we have to say goodbye and not ‘see you soon’ for the wedding day. 

They were so much fun to photograph because of their interactions were so sweet together. They kept looking at each other and giggling and then turning to us to apologize. And we were like NO.. do not say sorry for smiling at each other naturally that is exactly what we want. We want you laughing at each other. 

Morning Sessions

We photographed them at 10am, when the museum opened.  It’s a good option for a rainy morning because the VMFA actually allows you to go inside, but there are also some good overhangs outside.  There are good options in the event of rain. 

Obviously if it was pouring rain we would’ve rescheduled. But they were really excited to go ahead with their session which was great because they came in from DC. 

It was actually really nice because we were able to go to some areas of the VMFA sculpture garden and courtyard were we aren’t always able to shoot because it’s so crowded. 

One location – VMFA Richmond Museum Engagement

Initially Esther thought that maybe she would want to go to a second location after the VMFA for some variety but after walking around and seeing all the options there, we didn’t even need to go anywhere else. If you walk around the building of the VMFA there’s so many different locations that provide a ton of variety. If you scroll below, you’ll see what I mean – and we could have even used more variety, there are just so many options. 

Enjoy a few of our many favorites from Esther and Andrew’s VMFA Richmond museum engagement session. 



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