Spring Maymont Sunny Engagement

Today we are sharing Melanie and Christopher’s spring Maymont sunny engagement session that we did here in Richmond. I was actually gonna say Chris not Christopher but he goes by either. He’s kind of like me, where he doesn’t care what you call him.

Maymont in the Spring

Melanie and Chris chose Maymont as an engagement session location because they’re both out of town. Richmond is a happy medium spot that they get to meet at. One of them is in DC and the other is somewhere in North Carolina. When they plan to see each other, it’s almost always in Richmond.

We’re also only photographing Melanie and Chris’s engagement session and not their wedding. As much as we want to, they are getting married out of state in Alabama next January. We have a wedding already on that on their date so we couldn’t shoot it even if we wanted to!

Melanie and Chris were so easy to pose and work with. Melanie smile is infectious and you can just tell how much in love they are! They were in natural and every pose we put them in and just crushed it. Seriously, these two were absolute pros, and we are so mad we don’t get to take their wedding photos.

Midday Session – Spring Maymont Sunny Engagement

Their engagement session is also a little different than normal because we shot it in the middle of the day. In typical Virginia weather fashion, it looked like it was going to rain all afternoon. They were planning on coming to Richmond anyways, so instead of rescheduling, we just bumped it before the rain. It was supposed to be cloudy, but it was very much not. However, Maymont is a perfect place if you do have to shoot during the day because they have so many locations where you can use tall trees for shade or other like to diffuse the harsh sun. We love Maymont! It’s popular for a reason. 

Anyways, we hope you enjoy a few of our many favorites from Melanie and Chris’ spring Maymont sunny engagement session!


Another  engagement session from Maymont is right here!

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