Legacy Wedding Albums

Hey guys! So today, we’re going to be talking about our legacy wedding album, our process, and why they’re so important! We recently started with a new album company that we absolutely love! They offer lots of different cover options, lots of different styles and we absolutely love working with them!

Yes. If you follow us on Instagram, we may have seen a little while ago, we got in some sample legacy wedding albums and I was really excited! I took a quick video flipping through one… We ordered one linen, and one leather, one in thick pages and one in thin pages… We ordered swatches, so we could have an idea of all of the cover options and really get a feel, like a literal feel, for what the quality was like. And… It is just absolutely amazing! We are obsessed!

Over the moon!

We love it and we’re just so excited that our couples have started ordering these and we’re able to deliver this really high quality album.

The Legacy Wedding Album Investment

Yeah. The important thing for us is that your photos have a place that live other than just on your phone. We spend a lot of time on the wedding day with you guys. We basically start from beginning and are your eyes and ears until the end, and we wanna make sure that that’s captured somewhere else other than just in digital format.

Right. The fact of the matter is you spend a lot on wedding pictures and it just deserves a better home than a digital screen. And frankly, you spend a lot of your wedding in general. And once all the food has been eaten once the yummy appetizers are gone, you’ve eaten the cake… I’m spending a lot of time on the food… Okay, there’s other things too! You’ve danced, you’ve enjoyed the entertainment… The only thing you really get to walk away with are your pictures. And we just think they shouldn’t live on your phone, they should have a place where you can really have a tangible item, something to walk away with from that beautiful day.

Our Legacy Wedding Album

Also for our own wedding, at the beginning of the process, we bundled and purchased an album. We knew how important It was to have one for us, and for our family.

Yeah, it lives in our living room! When people come over, it’s almost like they gravitate towards it and we get to flip through it regularly, which we love. We’ve heard from our own couples that they have different traditions with their wedding album. On anniversaries, they’ll sit down and they’ll flip through it together. In the midst of a fight, they’ll agree to just sit down and flip through it. And who can fight when you’re looking through one of your best days of your life, when you are so in love. We just think that it’s such a special thing that our couples are able to do with their album.

The Album Legacy

Yeah. So, more than just having an album for yourself. We also believe that it’s an important legacy piece for your family.

Exactly. When I am designing a legacy wedding album… When I sit down and I go through that whole wedding day, I don’t envision the newlywed couple flipping through it. I envision them many years down the road. Their grandchildren come and sit in their lap and they flip through it with them. I imagine them as grandparents telling their grandchildren the story of their love. And being able to show them where it all began with their album.


I know that for my own family, that was such a special thing to be able to sit with my grandparents, and flip through their wedding album. And now that they’re gone, I love that I’m able to hold onto their wedding pictures and be able to remember that my family started with this deep love story.

The Process of Ordering An Album

So it’s obviously, we think it’s an important investment so we just wanna talk through the process, if it’s something you’re interested in doing. Typically, Laura will start by designing the album from all your wedding day favorites. So those are the ones we cut down to the favorites folder that we share first.

Right. So for every wedding, we shoot hundreds and hundreds of pictures, and we narrow it down from all of them to just our favorites. Those are the ones you see on social media and blogs, the ones that we just absolutely love. And so I pick through those to design a start-to-finish day for your album. Then, you get to go and pick your favorites! If our favorites don’t align, if there were some that you really loved, you can swap what’s important to you.

I especially talk about… At the reception, I don’t know who your best friends are so I might have picked a really cute dancing picture of this sweet old couple. But maybe they’re just random friends of your parents and not a close relative. So you get to choose what’s important to you to include, whether that means just swapping out a couple of pictures, or changing complete spreads. We’ll go back and forth and do that together.

All the options you’d want

Yeah. Along with that proof that you’ll see online, you’ll also see all the options we have to offer. So, that’s cover types, that’s colors, that’s engraving… All that kind of fun stuff all available online, so you don’t have to come and visit us or anything like that. Its all digital, and it’s all easy.

Exactly. What Michael’s saying is the round of proofs, when we go back and forth and make changes, it happens online. So it looks like your wedding album, where you’re able to flip through it, but you can make comments digitally. I’ll also send you a questionnaire that has all of those cover options and details that Michael’s talking about, where you select exactly what you want. You see all of the cover choices and pick which one you like best. Decide if you want your names engraved, or your wedding date, or maybe your family name on the cover. Or even decide if you want a cameo, which is a little framed picture on the front of your album. There’s tons of different choices and you can see it all digitally.

Yeah, so that’s really the album process, why we think it’s so important! We hope this video, or should i say audio, was helpful, and yeah!

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing the album, more than just the pictures below, I’ll go ahead and link that walkthrough video so that you can see me flipping through a real album. But if you have any questions about an album, even if we weren’t your wedding photographers, because we think it is so important that everybody has this legacy piece to be able to pass down, please reach out and ask us any questions you have!

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