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We’ve had a lot of rain for the past few months… like a lot of rain! I don’t think we’ve rescheduled so many shoots as we have this winter. So it’s not only rainy, it’s also cold.  Most of the time we encourage our couples to reschedule if it’s both cold and rainy, it’s just not going to be very fun.  But most of our couples aren’t like Kelly & John.  I am completely convinced that these two could make anything fun.  Their smiles are insanely contagious and their joy seems infinite.

We actually shot one of their family weddings 6 years ago… when photography was just a small side-hustle for us!  AND we shot Kelly’s senior pictures a few years ago when she graduated from high school.  So this whole session was just a blast from the past.

Kelly & John drove down from Hampton Roads, and met us at Williamsburg. We’ve been there a lot, and what we normally tell our couples is to meet us at Dog Street Pub (a great place to go for dinner afterwards…) and we will walk to Colonial Williamsburg from there. But this time we opted out of the classic Colonial side, and went in the opposite direction to William & Mary.  We’ve been to The Tribe’s campus before, but this time we went to places we never knew were there. We did some scouting ahead of time, (who knew their campus was the epicenter of arched walkways!) but William and Mary is just one of those campuses that you can keep discovering new locations to shoot, all of which are beautiful.

We practically forgot the rain with the full suit, flowy dress, and complete joy from Kelly & John.

Enjoy some of our favorites.


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