We finally own a house!!!!

If you signed up for our newsletter than you already know… we’ve moved to Richmond!

We sold our house in Newport News and for the past several months we’ve been house-hunting around the city of Richmond. Buying a house in Richmond has been insane! The market is so hot right now, we put in seven offers on houses, most of them WAY over asking price, and still lost out on all of those. It’s quite disheartening to fall in love with the house and then lose out on it, all in the span of 2 to 4 days. Now, try doing that six more times. We had moments where we were sure we were going to get something to be told that we lost out.

Fortunately, after a lot of prayer and support from friends and family, and our amazing realtor, Drew Harrell,  and agency, The Fauver Group we finally found our new home!

Our new house is in Bellevue, a really cute and historic area just north of the city (our house was built in 1939, and look at that round door!). And we definitely believe that this is where we should’ve ended up.

It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but that was part of the plan in buying this place. A little sweat equity put into it, and a little savings, and this house will be our home for the next milestones in our lives! The house is officially ours as of two days ago, and we have already started our kitchen demo.

We won’t be living in it for most of the time we are remodeling, but we will be over there a whole heck of a lot over the next two months. Oh and we will obviously be posting this entire process on Instastories and Instagram (#archerreno), so don’t forget to follow us and keep up-to-date to see us tear out some cabinets, knock down some walls, and fight over the best tile to go in the kitchen! We just posted (and will continue to post more of) what we did on Tuesday immediately after celebrating with our realtors who brought a bottle of champagne while we were getting the keys. Literally, we cheers’d after signing our names many times, and then went straight into salvaging cabinets, and pulling off backsplash!

P.S. for all of our Richmond friends we want to re-connect with all of you! Our house won’t be ready to host for a while, but Richmond has a lot of new places we need to re-discover!

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