Emma & Wes Engaged!

Over the past year, we have had so many of our couples who have booked us after meeting us at one of their friends weddings that we photographed. That is exactly how we first met Emma (and Wes), who was in Jenny & Connor’s wedding, our first of 2o18 at Amber Grove. Emma and Wes met at University of Mary Washington, and they really wanted to highlight¬†UMW because of how much it means to both of them. We love when our clients have locations or ideas in mind for their photography because more than just celebrating this brief time between dating and married, choosing a location that means something special makes their session that much more special.

We scheduled our mini-engagement session on the way home from an out of town wedding we were attending (yes, we always love a chance to dance the night away) in New Jersey, and we were driving past Fredericksburg, right where UMW is located. We had been driving for 5 hours so we were definitely ready to stretch our legs, even in the humidity. We met Emma & Wes right in the middle of their campus, and spend the next 45 minutes roaming around the beautiful and historic campus, finding some gorgeous spots to take these two. Throughout the session, you could just tell that these two were ready to be married! They were cool, calm, and so focused on each other! They had graduated a few years ago, but honestly, just the way they were acting with each other, and wrapping up in each other’s arms, they seemed like they had known everything about each other, as if they had already been together a lifetime!

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