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You guys.. if you can feel me bursting into tears through your screen right now don’t be surprised. I have been crying so many happy tears since my very best friend in the world told me that she was having a baby.

Caitlin and Ray are two of the most wonderful people in the world and the thought of them as parents fills me with such overwhelming joy. Every time I have seen Caitlin throughout her pregnancy, as her belly gets bigger and bigger, I am constantly being overwhelmed. The last time I went up to her house going through all of the baby clothes in her closet I truly just lost at. I don’t even understand how they make socks so teeny.

When we went up for Caitlin and Ray’s baby shower, I told Caitlin that we needed to sneak in some time for maternity pictures. She wasn’t having it.. but as a photographer and her best friend I felt obligated to force her to take a few… and so very quickly in between Michael & I leaving and them going on their hospital tour we took about 10 minutes to take a few. And I’m so happy that she let us because Caitlin is the most beautiful pregnant person in the world.

Caitlin and Ray are so fierce in your loyalty and so passionate in your love for people. I can’t wait to see you raise a little human. I hope she is exactly like the two of you because the world would surely be better for It. We love the three of you more than I could ever say. xo


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