Rachel & David

Rachel and David got married at Oglebay resort in Wheeling, West Virginia. Which sounds super random.. but it was so perfect for the two of them.. mountain beauty paired with their adventurous, outdoorsy, and travel loving selves.. so it made perfect sense.  An added bonus was that Rachel’s mom grew up going there.  There is even a picture of Rachel’s grandparents on their wedding day in the very spot we took portraits of Rachel & David.

Just a couple days before the wedding, Rachel was informed that there was a Lebanese festival going on next door to her ceremony space. All Rachel could think of was Lebanese music blasting over her acoustic guitar ceremony music.  Panic would set in for any bride.  Well, the Oglebay resort was wonderful and moved them at no cost to another space that turned out to be one of the most gorgeous spots at the whole resort.. overlooking the mountains and set in a beautiful garden.

Also.. It was supposed to rain on their wedding day. And it poured cats and dogs the night before.. Michael and I huddled under an umbrella as we ran to their rehearsal dinner but still arrived soaking wet.  We sat and prayed and hoped they would have nice weather the next day.. and y’all.. it didn’t rain a drop on their wedding day.

So many things go wrong on your wedding day but this day was just a wonderful example of how so many things can also go right.
Ok.. last thing.. We have gone to some pretty amazing weddings with some really wonderful dance parties. But Rachel and David have to take the cake. After their first dance they got down to Crank That by Soulja Boy (yes, you read that right).  It was a beautiful day, but they still ended the night with David in a completely soaked through shirt and Rachel having changed out of her wedding dress into something a little cooler and easier to dance in. I don’t think I saw them leave the dance floor once.. and they were accompanied by their many friends and family all night who love them so much.
Rachel, I’ve loved ya since middle school.. and David, I’ve loved you since I first met you sixish years ago and saw how Rachel just lights up around you.. you two bring each other so much joy and that joy radiates to everyone around you.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it. xo

– The Vendor Team –

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  1. What wonderful pictures Michael and Laura! You captured the day so perfectly. These pictures will let Rachel and David savor the memories. Thank you for everything.


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