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If you know anything about us, it’s that we like everything DIY. Our own wedding was full of DIY items, but Alice & Eric took it a step further and hosted their wedding at a friends horse farm in beautiful Keswick! We love the mountain areas around Charlottesville, and were so excited for this hilly farm wedding. We met them for the first time on their wedding day, driving up to the parking lot in a grassy area, and saw Eric moving details into the ceremony space, and organizing other family and friends that were helping set out their perfect day (brought back so many memories of our own wedding)!

Alice and Eric built in some extra time into their timeline, which we always recommend to our clients. With everything that happens on a wedding day, you can bet that things will run a little longer than expected. Amazingly, Alice & Eric kept themselves on time the entire time (I remember setting up lights in the reception, and placing  details for our own wedding reception minutes before our own ceremony) so after they each got ready, we took some of my favorite groomsmen and bridesmaids images with this extra time.

The ceremony started with a horse-drawn carriage ride for Alice and her father, driven by one of Eric’s groomsmen (who actually works as the groundskeeper on the property in the house the guys got ready in). Alice looked so stunning, and Eric’s giant smile showed just how happy he was looking forward to marrying her. The ceremony was beautiful, with guests sitting on 2×4 benches of used wood and tree stumps (of course, handmade by the groom). After they exchanged vows, Alice & Eric chose to share communion as their first¬†act in their marriage together! We got to spend some time with them afterwards, in the perfect golden hour light. The sun just glowed around them.

You could see all the love that these two were surrounded by, in their family, and their friends throughout the rest of the evening festivities. Their dance floor under the stars provided a simple yet perfect spot to celebrate the night away! And with a sparkler exit that they literally ran through (seriously the fast send off ever), they were off starting their beautiful, God-centered life together! Alice & Eric, you two couldn’t have been more adorable! We are sooo lucky that we got to share your wedding day with you, and we hope you enjoy your honeymoon!

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