Day 6 – The Motorcycle Adventure – Donegal

We had ourselves a late night the night before, but we woke to the sunshine, because someone had gotten fed up with waking with the birds, and moved my dads phone (and alarm) into the bathroom and shut the door. Most of us had woken a little groggier, but we got ourselves some breakfast that Ann had left out to wake us up. Ann came down just as we were leaving, feeling much better than the day before. It’s amazing the people you meet while traveling, and how God uses that brief time to work wonders. With a hug and a quick pic, we left Ann’s place on our way to the Donegal coastline.

We had originally planned to spend a little more time on the coastline towards the beginning, but because we had extended our coast ride yesterday, and we had a late night, we decided to get a jump on it. We headed straight up to Sligo, determined to get ourselves to the northwest coast in plenty of time to take it all in. We took a little detour, on a recommendation for a little bit of grub, but we thought we got lost. So, we stopped traffic and asked a second local, and it turns out we just didnt go far enough. We pulled up to the Tea Shed, A little gem next to an amazing lake and the Glencar Waterfalls. We had some delicious homemade soup, and then took a short stroll up to take in a little relaxation next to the waterfall. Paul and I had a 99 soft serve each and then we got back to it, taking our little detour longer around a few of the Lough’s that we hit.

We caught up to our route heading to Donegal, and as we were approaching the city, filled up on gas. We headed just west of the city, going to the western coast, and then riding the entire top, and looping back down. We had so many amazing views with stunning sweeping bends that were fast enough to keep us moving pretty quickly. We really started swinging our bikes into the corners, and even had the sun pop out for a little, as we carved through the coast of the county of Donegal.

We ended in a small town in the county called letterkenny at The Artist Hostel. We dropped our stuff at our bunkbeds, and then walked into town to have a delicious bite at The Station House Hotel, including a stunning fish pie with crab claws sticking out on each side (I had to take a photo, and then give everyone a few tips on how to take photos of food… lets ┬áhope they get better). We had a few pints there and then spent just a few minutes at the local watering hole, McGinley’s. We all wanted an earlier night, so we walked back to our hostel, and then immediately crashed.


My GoPro died towards the end, just had too many good views!

Here is our expected routes for Day 7, including a ferry crossing to Scotland!

Day 7a MapDay 7b Map

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