A Motorcycle Adventure! Day 0

So, in case you haven’t heard, I am off in England, arriving this morning, to head off on a two-week motorcycle trip around the UK. Yes… I am a little crazy… just wait until you meet the people I’m going with. First there’s my father, who is probably the most level-headed of the bunch, my (not real, but basically) uncle Mike who is my dad’s closest friend, and a mystery petrolhead Paul (but from what I’ve heard, we won’t have any issues chatting about the latest cars).

I’m hoping to post daily on our adventure of the day, with a short video and pictures to share. I will also include a map of our drive the following day (see below). Today is Day Zero so i’m only sharing a few fun clips of what’s happened so far. SOOOO much more to come, so stick around and follow what’s bound to be a crazy adventure! PS. Laura is on vacation as well with her family in Cape Cod, and I just wanted to share a shout out for getting to spend my wonderful life with┬áthe greatest wife a husband could ever have! And thanks for this crazy, nuts, probably-should-have-prepared-more, opportunity! I love you!

Day 1 Map

Day 1: Departing Poole, and heading west, to Penzance!

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  1. Jonathan Steck says:

    Ride safe boys!!

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