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Michael and I lead a group of Shoot & Share photographers here in Hampton Roads.  Being a part of the Shoot & Share community has been so amazing!  It’s incredible how many people in the photography and wedding industry truly support each other.  We organize meet ups each month to bring photographers together and support each others’ businesses.  This past month we met at a gorgeous venue here in Hampton Roads, the Historic Post Office in Hampton.  A few of us took time to provide new head shots for each other and it was an absolute blast!  I just love these ladies and love following their growing businesses!

Meet Alex shoot-and-share-headshots (21)shoot-and-share-headshots (20)shoot-and-share-headshots (19)shoot-and-share-headshots (15)shoot-and-share-headshots (16)shoot-and-share-headshots (9)shoot-and-share-headshots (3)shoot-and-share-headshots (25)

Meet Krystal 

shoot-and-share-headshots (17)shoot-and-share-headshots (18)shoot-and-share-headshots (12)shoot-and-share-headshots (10)shoot-and-share-headshots (11)shoot-and-share-headshots (6)shoot-and-share-headshots (7)shoot-and-share-headshots (26)

Meet Elaina

shoot-and-share-headshots (14)shoot-and-share-headshots (5)shoot-and-share-headshots (4)shoot-and-share-headshots (13)shoot-and-share-headshots (2)shoot-and-share-headshots (1)shoot-and-share-headshots (22)

shoot-and-share-headshots (8)shoot-and-share-headshots (24)shoot-and-share-headshots (23)

We believe that the best lives
are lived focused on others.

That sharing is at the heart of it all
and extends to everything we’re given.
Our gifts, our knowledge, our compassion.
Our whole lives.

That in celebrating others’ lives we find
more joy than in promoting our own.

That there is more power in a warm
hug than in a thousand words.

We believe that what we do is not
what truly defines us, but why we do it.

We believe that we all need to belong.
That this is only achieved through
common values shared in community.

That once we belong, we’re free
and can truly learn and grow.

That the purpose of growth
is to discover our gifts and that our
gifts are meant to be given and shared.

That we find the most fulfillment when
we contribute our gifts to a greater purpose.

A purpose bigger than ourselves.
A purpose that can only be reached together.
A purpose focused on others.

That is why we do what we do.
Because this is not our job.
This is our passion.

This is who we are.
We are a community focused on others.

We are Shoot & Share.

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