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We have blogged about the details time at your wedding day before.  About how shooting your wedding day details is such an important time of the day for us, and for you.  How we use that time of the day as a creative warm-up.  You wouldn’t ask an athlete to just go run a 100m without a stretch.. this is our stretching.  We LOVE shooting details first thing to get us ready for the rest of the day.  ALSO we think it’s so important to capture these details.  You’ve spent so much time and effort gathering your perfect details.. picking out your jewelry, finding shoes, deciding between invitation suites.. and we want to make sure it’s all remembered.

But one thing that is frequently looked over is the groom’s details.  Now we know most grooms don’t really spend a crazy amount of time picking out their shoes.. and the cologne bottle isn’t quite as important to them.. but still, we think it’s important.  ESPECIALLY if you are getting an album!  It really rounds out those getting ready pages so nicely.  Here are a few things we look for in the guys’ getting ready room.. and if you set them out for us in advance, you’d be our new best friend.


Groom’s details
  • watch
  • tie or bow tie (also bow ties photograph nicely when they are tied, so if you can, tie it just for the picture!)
  • belt/suspenders
  • shoes
  • pocket square/handkerchief
  • socks
  • cuff links
  • boutineer
  • bottle of whiskey/flask/cigar (especially if it was a gift!)
  • any other personal touches

And just as a reminder, lots of our brides and grooms have already put those details on before we get there.. but DON’T!  Even if you insist that you don’t want these detail shots, it still makes for great getting ready pictures when we are able to photograph you putting them all on.  Let us capture your mom straightening your tie, and you adjusting your cuff links or tying your shoes.  I know that sounds like it’s not the most important moment of the day.. but just remember it’s not a normal pair of shoes.. those are the shoes your going to walk out of the ceremony with your wife in.  Give us a few minutes to capture them!

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