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As I have mentioned before, we are a part of the Academy of Wedding Photographers, a series of online courses by the best wedding photographers in the country to help us grow and develop with the wisdom of some amazing people who are doing it seriously right.  Each course has homework assignments that go along with them.  One of our favorite courses is led by Justin and Mary.  These two have really encouraged us to focus on why we are in business and allow that to steep into everything we do.
Well one homework assignment asked us to write what we want our business to stand for.  I read that assignment and ranted for a minute (or a few minutes) to Michael.. How am I supposed to write this!?  What can a photography business really stand for?!  AND Mary Marantz is reading this.. she is basically a poet.  Where do I even start?
Friends, I just ranted.  And Michael, as he normal does, sweetly tried to give suggestions.  And as I normal do when I am upset and my sweet, sweet husband tries to help, I got even more upset.  I’m evil.  But he was right.  We know why we are in business.  We know why we do what we do.  We know why we spend weekends, and vacations, and long nights working for this.  We know what we want our business to stand for.  So I wrote this…
It is our mission support our clients while they are preparing for their wedding day, but most importantly, for their marriage. We believe in spoiling our clients with love and service to spread joy in their lives. We create lasting images to preserve a memory of love and happiness for our couples to keep forever.
And then Mary wrote me back and said I better share that.  So this blog post is for you Mary.
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  1. We LOVE your “Why”!!!

  2. Misty says:

    I LOVE Justin and Mary! And i love your why! What a perfect reason to do what you do!

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