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We just spent a wonderful evening this past weekend with one of our gorgeous couples who tied the knot (keep an eye out for some picture soon)! And now that wedding season is in full swing, we can’t help but look forward to our next weddings! And one of those is actually in SEATTLE! Yes, we are photographing our first west coast wedding, and couldn’t be more excited! But we need your help. After the wedding, we are taking 5 days to explore Seattle and Portland. I have been to Seattle twice before and done a few things in the city, but Laura has never been there, and we want to do some serious exploration. Portland has been on our list of places to go, and we are so glad to be only 3 hours away.

We LOVE to travel (just look at what we decided to do for our honeymoon parts 1, 2, & 3), we are kind of obsessed with going places we’ve never been! But we are quite the procrastinators when it comes to booking, mostly because we CANNOT make decisions. So, we need your help. All we have booked is the flight, arriving in Seattle, and leaving from Portland. The rest is still a mystery, and we would love some feedback on where we should stay, and what we should do. We know we should go to Pike Place Market, I’ve been there before, and could walk around there for hours, but Laura hasn’t, and we can’t miss the chance for both of us to go there. We will be renting a car (though we may or may not have yet done that…) so getting around should be pretty easy. Trip Advisor is one of our best friends, but is not always right, so we’d rather hear from you, about your favorite things you have done there. Please comment away, and help us figure out what we should be doing!


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