Think Through Your Ceremony

Regardless of what your plans are for your wedding ceremony, there are a few things that we think you should keep in mind. These are things you probably wouldn’t think about, but can make a big difference in your photographs.

1. Asking your officiant to move out of the way for your ‘kiss’ shot – Most officiants will do this anyways, but asking your officiant to do this will ensure us getting a clean and great photograph of just you two kissing for the first time as a married couple.

2. Pause at the end of the aisle – One of our favorite shots is when couples stop at the end of the aisle and take a dip, share another kiss, or just throw their hands in the air in celebration.

3. In the bridal party? Remember to smile – This one may seem obvious, but your face can fall flat quickly, and may look a little less interested than we know you are.

4. Hold hands – You are probably going to do this naturally anyways, but we have been to weddings before when the couple didn’t do this at all, and it didn’t seem as intimate and romantic as when a couple are touching.

5. Decide if you want to stay or run – After the ceremony, you need to decide whether to get the heck out of there to have a moment yourself, or if you will stay and have a receiving line to talk with all of your guests. You should pick one or the other, because as soon as you start to linger, the crowds will form. If you are doing first look, choose either, but if you decide against a first look, then run, because we only get a limited time to take your portraits before your reception starts, and stopping to talk could end up taking your entire cocktail hour. We recommend using time during your reception to greet all your guests. The tradition of a receiving line is fading out, which is totally fine with us.

6. Make it your wedding ceremony – Whether you have your dogs be the ring bearers, or get a close friend to officiate, make it fit your style. We had a very laid back style at our wedding; our guests snacked on coke and kettle corn, & sat on blankets as we came down the aisle. Choose music & readings you want. Don’t feel like you have to be traditional, if that doesn’t fit your style.2016-05-09_00012016-05-09_0002

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