The Green Monster

Michael is out of town, so I spent the weekend in Northern, VA to have some time with some of my very best friends.  I LOVE going up to NOVA and it has been awhile since our crazy schedules have allowed it.  I was so happy to go up and see these friends.  Two of these gals have just bought a new place and it was so much fun going and visiting both of these houses and seeing all they are doing to make it a sweet, sweet home.  But you guys.  I suffer at the hand of the green monster.  I can become so, so envious.  And this weekend walking around these new homes, and returning to our little condo, the jealousy just kept creepin’ in.  Michael and I desperately want to move on, but are trying to be as responsible as possible with our next steps.  So seeing these friends, with their new adorable homes, made me want to throw all caution to the wind, give up on any responsibilities, and leave our current house right away.  Ugh.

But what I need to remember, is that I love where we are in our lives.  And I don’t want to skip over this.  I am so happy for my sweet friends and their new homes..and while I feel like we are ready to be buying our next home, I know we aren’t.  It’s just hard to remember that sometimes.  So I thought I would make myself a little list of a few things that I know I should be savoring while we still have it.  Things I know we are going to miss when we are finally ready to move on.  Things that bring us JOY right now.  And things I need to remember not to look over.

  1. We can walk to the grocery store, restaurants, and really anything we need is within just a mile or two.    (The goal is to move out to some land, so we aren’t going to be in walking distance or a quick drive to anything!)  which leads me to….
  2. Pretty soon, we are going to be able to walk to our church!  We have an amazing church home and I wouldn’t give it up for the world!!!  (except for maybe our next home.  So I am going to love living in close distance to our amazing church home while we are still here.)  
  3. Our little condo, means a little condo mortgage, which means we have a budget to live an adventurous life. (We travel a lot and eat out a lot and go on last minute outings a lot.. and we are able to do all that, which is amazing). 
  4. Because it’s a condo, we don’t own any of the outdoor space.  Which means we don’t have any yard work or maintenance to do.  (And while I am dreaming of a huge garden and a massive yard, I am happy that our long to-do list never includes mowing the lawn or trimming trees.)
  5. We have our full time jobs and our dream jobs.  (And while that can make our schedules and our to-do lists absolutely insane, it means we get to let our dream be our dream without any pressure of booking a certain number of weddings at a certain price point, we just get to invest in that dream.. which is very, very nice). 


So much to be thankful for..

I hope y’all find some joy in your lives today.  xo


20160423_155006 (2)

P.S. If you are every in Haymarket, head over to Burnside Farm.  It was the cutest.  But not cuter than Caitlin..

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  1. Caitlin says:

    You’re the cutest. You’ll be buying that farm of yours in no time and expand your business and your lives in SO many ways. It’s so exciting to hear about your plans and they’re gonna start falling into place so fast. Love you guys so much

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