10 things you didn’t know about Laura

My wife is the best! I am so blessed to have her in my life! She is not quite as nuts as me in case you missed my insanity, but she definitely has her own things that make her so perfect, crazy, dazzling, nutty, & wonderful! Here are her top 10 things you probably

  1. A Cinderella sports movie makes her cry.  Every. Single. Time. Miracle… Forget it! Blindside… She’ll be sobbing! Remember The Titans… She’s gonna need an entire box of tissues for that one! Yet, these are still the movies she wants to watch first!
  2. Laura LOVES outdoor concerts. She’d much rather sit in the nosebleeds on the grass & dance with me like fools, than be at the front row.
  3. She is a serial reorganizer. Forget about the things that need to get done! Once she has something in her head that she wants to reorganize, put everything aside, it’s now top priority.
  4. She pretty much never cooks dinner for herself when I’m gone, instead she’ll just eat peanut butter crackers. I should probably stock the fridge next time…
  5. Laura has played pretty much every sport there is.. 2 years of softball, 12 years of swimming, 4 years of tennis, 10 years of basketball and soccer, 4 years of year round volleyball, but she hates watching sports.  Except the Olympics.  She is in. Love. With the Olympics and could not be more excited it is this summer.
  6. She has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was 15, but fights it every day.
  7. Bagels are her favorite food. Forget everything else because all you need is bagels.
  8. Laura is a teacher, & is amazing at it! Some of our favorite photographers started as teachers as well! We love you Amy & Jordan! I guess having summers off, & working around the clock for the other 9 months sets you up well for wedding season.
  9. She tried to learn to play the guitar in high school, but her teacher told her not to come back.  Also, she says she can’t sing, but I love when we belt it out together in the car. But still, zero musical talent.
  10. She LOVES to craft. And sew. And DIY all the things. Hence the creation of our awesome Crafternoon series. If you have a craft you want tried out, just let her know, and she’ll be ALL OVER IT!

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