Since coming back from Kenya, we have been trying to blog more consistently. While we haven’t been completely consistent each week, we have been blogging much more than we have in the past. And one tool that has made a HUGE difference in our blogging process is BlogStomp. This is a photo processing tool that turns those perfectly edited images of yours into optimal photos for your web presence. If you have ever tried to upload and edit your images using your blog, you will quickly find that most blogs don’t give you very many tools. Resizing can be in “large, medium, or thumbnail”, and spacing never seems to be the same either. Plus, those large image files are optimized for your clients to print or view outside of a blog post, and your blog is not designed in the same way. BlogStomp makes it easy to get your photos to look perfectly formatted on your blog.

BlogStomp also has several other features that help with branding your images, and customizing them for your blog. And their software is super easy to use. Actually “stomping” your blog images takes hardly any time. Just import the photos you want to stomp into their software, select the ones you want to pair, (or just one), “Mix It Up” to the order and layout you like, and Stomp! Voila! Your images are sent to a folder, ready to be uploaded to your blog. And with their multi-image layouts, selecting several images can all be compiled into one good looking montage, with all your images ready for the blog.

BlogStomp has several cool tools when working with your images, like watermarking your photos anywhere you want on your image, customizing your layouts by editing the size and the style of the borders around your images, and even letting you save those layouts for use in other posts. No more do you have to use Adobe InDesign to place your photos into a created layout, export it, and then format it. This does ALL of that for you in a fraction of the time. BlogStomp software even lets you write your posts straight from inside your software, and then uploads it to your linked blog easily. Don’t have a blog? Not to fear, BlogStomp has options for posting straight to Facebook and Twitter, and the best part about it is that it is a one-time buy. As photographers, I feel like we spend a lot of time paying for monthly services, like our blog, domains, website, and plenty of others like 17 Hats (we’ll talk about this one in the next few weeks). But not BlogStomp. And with that purchase, you get BlogStomp on 3 different devices, and they are continually adding more features, so it’s not like you will need to buy a new one again in a year.

BlogStomp is such a time-saver, and I think that is so crucial in our world today. And any software that works well, especially when it comes to making your online presence more beautiful, and properly formatted, and saves time, letting ” you get out and play faster” (actual line on their web page!), is something that we should take advantage off.

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